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In advance of the upcoming omnibus ballot in August, an advisory poll is now available for all FSA mappers. The poll is available here and will be open through 29 July. Following the close of the poll, results will be posted and current forum initiatives will be put to a final, on-the-record vote. Note that this does not include omnibus ballot measures, namely National Park approvals and coordinator votes of confidence, which will continue to be approved via secret ballot. --TheMayor (talk) 02:48, 18 July 2022 (UTC)

This poll closes tomorrow. Last call. -TheMayor (talk) 13:19, 28 July 2022 (UTC)


24 responses received: 23 stateowners, 1 contributor

FS-1/2 Proposal:

  • 10 Strongly Approve
  • 10 Somewhat Approve
  • 3 No Opinion
  • Result: Consider proposal approved with sufficient consensus to begin implementation

Postal Organization:

  • 12 Federal Postal Service
  • 8 Federal States Postal Bureau
  • 3 Federal States Couriers

Postal Offices:

  • 11 Federal Post Office
  • 6 Federal States Post Office
  • 5 Courier Office
  • 1 did not vote

Postal Codes:

  • 8 CC-##XX
  • 7 NN-AA##
  • 5 NN-####
  • 3 did not vote/no opinion
  • Result/Recommendation: Combine NN options into NN-XX## that would allow stateowners to use either numbers or letters for middle two characters; final vote on the forum page

Time Zones:

  • 14 Two Zones (+9, +10)
  • 4 Three Zones (+8, +9, +10)
  • 4 Three Zones (+9, +9:30, +10)
  • 1 Four Zones (+8:30, +9, +9:30, +10)
  • Result: Assign +9 to western states and +10 to eastern states; forum discussion and vote for "middle states" to determine whether or not to use third zone and/or where to draw two-zone line

Current state of the FSA: Average: 3.5 / 5

Current direction of the FSA: Average: 3.6 / 5

FSA Forum Use: Average: 2.5 / 5

Regional Coordinator Pilot:

  • 17 Extend 3-region pilot
  • 6 No Opinion
  • 1 Return to previous hybrid system
  • Result: Retain three regional coordinators pending omnibus votes of confidence

Contributor Votes:

  • 7 Purple-state contributors should have same vote as stateowners
  • 7 Purple-state coordinators should have smaller vote than stateowners
  • 5 All mappers eligible for vote
  • 2 No opinion
  • 1 Collaborators vote on meta issues, not VOCs
  • 1 Collaborators vote on VOCs, not meta issues
  • 1 Only stateowners should be allowed to vote
  • Result: Contributors will be permitted to vote under the following conditions:
  • To be eligible, contributors must be continuously active in the FSA for the most recent three months prior to a vote (similar to activity requirements for stateowners)
  • Contributors must request a ballot, rather than have one automatically provided to them
  • "Purple-state" contributors only; contributors who only map in Michisaukee are ineligible
  • Votes will be weighted in the following manner:
  1. Each non-collaborative state receives four (4) votes to be split evenly amongst its owners. (For single-owner states, the stateowner receives 4 votes; for partnership states, each stateowner receives 2 votes)
  2. Each collaborative state receives six (6) votes to be split evenly amongst its project coordinators. (Most collaborative states have two coordinators, so each coordinator receives 3 votes.)
  3. Each eligible contributor receives one (1) vote regardless of how many states they map in
  4. Votes can be summed (e.g., a collaborative state co-coordinator who also actively maps in their state is eligible for 4 votes, 3 as co-collaborator and 1 as a contributor)
  5. However, total number of votes per mapper is capped at four (4). No individual mapper is eligible for more than four votes regardless of how many states they own/oversee/contribute to.
  • In general, individual stateowners get 4 votes each; collaborative state coordinators get 3 votes each; co-stateowners get 2 votes each; and active contributors get 1 vote each.