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I am a JOSM user and for a long time I had trouble using JOSM with OGF. But after watching a couple of tutorials I finally got it. Just yesterday, I was looking at the news and it said that OSM is removing basic authentication and OAuth 0.1. As you can find in the upcoming changes here it says: 'JOSM will be removing OAuth 1.0a support in early 2024, and may hide or remove Basic Authentication support at the same time.' As far as I know. The only way to upload your changes (and authenticating yourself) to the OGF server is by Basic Authentication, I could be wrong. So does this mean that, if Basic Authentication will be removed from JOSM, that JOSM support for OGF might end?

Basic Authentication has already been removed from JOSM. The change only applies to OpenStreetMap and does not affect OpenGeofiction. Lemuria (talk) 04:37, 1 February 2024 (UTC)