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Cranking out 10,000 street names in any flavour you like isn't as hard as you might think. Whatever feeling or atmosphere you want to create, the Internet is full of different generators and lists that can give you an endless supply of names. All you do is click through different resources and collect a long list of names you want to use. Then when you start mapping, just go down your list and use all the names!

  • Want names with the flavour of a specific location? Lots of places have their street names listed online, such as London or Paris or Brooklyn for example.
  • There are several random street generators out there; try this one and this one for starters.
  • Another source is significant events or people in your country's history. If there is an independence day or a famous head of state there is likely to be a street, probably a major one, named after them in most towns. Alternatively, roads that lead to other settlements may well be named after them, so most towns in the southern UK have a 'London Road' leading towards the capital.