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This page is for OGF users to share useful JOSM plugins.

Name & Link Description Notes
BuildingTools Useful when you're plopping down a lot of unaligned, rectangular buildings. Three fast clicks instead of five slow ones.
CommandLine Not what the name implies, and a little bit wonky, but I like the circle, ellipse and bezier functions.
ContinuosDownload Downloads areas of the map whenever you scroll around.
  • Whenever you scroll to an area you haven't downloaded, the area will start downloading automatically.
  • Only works at high zoom levels (but not very high zoom levels).
  • It can be slow in big cities or other places with a lot of data.
  • Don't forget that you can turn this plugin on and off. Sometimes it's useful to turn off temporarily if you just want to draw something across a large area without taking the time to download everything else around.
  • Yes, "continuous" is misspelt. But it works.
  • See also DownloadAlong
FastDraw Very nice to have when you're drawing out natural "bendy" features like forests and rivers. It lets you smoothly draw out the entire line instead of having to click for each node.
ImportVec Lets you import vector shapes into JOSM.
  • Especially useful if you like drawing in a vector graphics program like Inkscape or Illustrator.
  • A major benefit to using a vector graphics program is the ability to draw using a wide range of more natural and more versatile tools. For example you can draw shapes by simply dragging your cursor around the screen, rather than needing to click each and every point along the way.
Measurement Shows you length and area measurements of any object you select. Useful if you want to add the distance of your highway on the wiki.
PicLayer Lets you display an image in your JOSM editing area.
  • Enables you to trace maps you've drawn in another graphics program, or maps you've drawn by hand.
  • It can be a lot easier to plan and sketch out your ideas using a drawing program, or pen and paper, as opposed to doing so in JOSM.
  • When the image layer is selected, you can move the image around, resize it, adjust the opacity, etc.
Poly Useful to get polygon files for use with osmosis and osmconvert.
Reverter Lets you revert changesets by number.
Terracer It's insanely useful for making long rows of houses when you don't want to manually draw out every single one.

This plugin is best used along with the BuildingsTool plugin

Splinex Produces nice curves with more evenly-spaced nodes, without having to manually a curve. See instructions in the link.
  • Pretty good for when you're drawing curved roads, railways, and other stuff.
  • It can be difficult to get the size right with the plugin.
UtilsPlugin2 Some useful extra utilities, including circle arc, splitting areas, and adding nodes at intersections.

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