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Flag of Kanglapo Socialist Republic of Kanglapo
ᥞᥣᥐᥚᥨ-ᥛᥤᥢ ᥐᥨᥒᥐᥣᥒᥞᥣᥖ ᥘᥣ ᥐᥣᥒᥘᥣᥙᥨ (Kanglapolish)
Capital: Nandacheongfu
Population: 21,744,876 (2021)

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The Socialist Republic of Kanglapo (Kanglapolish: ᥞᥣᥐᥚᥨ-ᥛᥤᥢ ᥐᥨᥒᥐᥣᥒᥞᥣᥖ ᥘᥣ ᥐᥣᥒᥘᥣᥙᥨ Sakpo'min Konkangsat la Kanglapo), or simply Kanglapo, is a communist state in Northern Archanta. To its west and north are the Bai Empire and Kinglavia, and to its south is Huaxia. Approximately half of the country's population resides in urban cities in the south, including the capital Nandacheongfu, Samchincheong and Czhong-cheongging. The official language of the nation is Kanglapolish, which has many regional dialects, with the Kanglapolish Kosh being its currency.

The Katayans established the Lshming Kingdom in the 8th century after a treaty that united the Katayan tribes. Lshming became a tributary state of Bai in the 13th century and later fell under Surian control in 1623 through the Lin-Surian Wars. Kanglapo attained independence in 1808, but its early history as an independent nation-state was marked by political and socio-economic upheaval. While Kanglapo stabilised and modernised under the dictatorship of Cha Ming, his death sparked another succession crisis, leading to a communist revolution led by Tak Ning Lei.

Kanglapo was one of the major participants of the War of Fellow Brothers, and actively supported Bai communists resisting the Fascist Regime. Approximately six million Katayans perished during the war. After the War, the period of dictatorship under Ming Sa Hing continued until his death. Succeeded by Li Ching Sam, Kanglapo liberalised and modernised under key socialist principles, and transformed into a technologically-advanced developed country driven by a highly educated and skilled workforce today.

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