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Flag of Kaoscha Kaoscha
高砂國 (Cinasian)
Capital: Seung Ling (上寧)
Population: 27,489,400 (2022)

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Kaoscha (Cinasian: 高砂, Kaw-SHAH), is a country in Archanta. Kaoscha is a constitutional monarchy. The unicameral legislature body of the nation is the Congress. The Congress, much like other governmental agencies, is situated in Seung Ling.

In Kaoscha, people travel by highways, trains, high-speed railways, airplanes, and ferries. The majority of the population is concentrated in the Seung Ling Metropolitan area, the Kaoscha Region (Reinstaat, Wen Tsing, and Tsa Tsin), and the Framhost Bay area.

Mountains as tall as 1,700 meters can be found in the southeast, the southwest region is mostly lagoons and wetlands, so less people live there.


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Quick Facts

Drives on the Electric socket Currency Primary industry Geography
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Type G
1 KST = 0.125 USD
Kaoschanian Sterling
TSMC in Tainan Science Park.JPG
Service, IT, Heavy Industry, Metal Commodity, Banking, Semiconductors
Most people live in the coastal region near the hilly region in the north and the great plains near Seung Ling. Southwest and Southeast are scarcely