Kinto Islands

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Kinto Islands Confederation
Caidreachas Eileanan Kinto
Eileanan air Chall sa Mhuir

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Official languagesGaelig
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy
 • Shekajo PzarCongressional Joint Leader
 • JB NicDonaCongressional Joint Leader
 • Total46 km2
 • Estimate (2019)38,000
 • Per capita$37238.202
HDI (2018)Increase .767
TimezoneWT +4

The Kinto Islands officially the Kinto Islands Federation (Gaelig nan Eileanan: Caidreachas Eileanan Kinto, commonly called sa Mhuir 'in the Sea', an abbreviation of Eileanan air Chall sa Mhuir 'Islands Lost in the Sea'), is a small sovereign Hardan island nation in the southern Asperic Ocean. The islands lie at the north end of the Harda Archipelago in south-east Antarephia.

The country is made up of around 300 offshore islands, of which at least 40 are inhabited. The state is composed of wide range of administrative and legislative competencies which under the country's statute together form a 'Doonist Entity'.