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Flag of Lutang Republic of Lutang

Republika ng Lutang (Santimo)
Capital: Bagong Bandila
Population: 96,113,340 (2023)

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Lutang (Santimo: Republika ng Lutang; IPA: [ˈlutaŋ]), officially the Republic of Lutang is a country in North Archanta. It is surrounded by Sae to the west, Flag with question mark.svg Majesia to the south, and AR904 to the east. The capital is Bagong Bandila. Lutang is densely populated, and dominated by forests; with the few pockets of flat land being heavily urbanized.

Bagong Bandila itself is part of the Greater Bandila Area, which includes Araminta, Nabong, Pauwakin, and Riman. The GBA is home to 17 million people (23 million if the spillover into West Sundin is included), making it Lutang's most populated province. To the east of the GBA is West Sundin, into which a large part of the GBA conurbation has spilled over. West Sundin's capital is Solidago, a major center of the Lutang oil, gas, and petroleum industry and a hub for Lutang's music scene. West of the GBA is Araminta, Lutang's richest city by per-capita GDP. To the far east of the country is Huntsman Island, whose capital is Matilda and whose largest city is Rochelle. Northwest Huntsman Island is also heavily urbanized, with approximately 10 million people living there out of the island's 13 million population.



Human geography

The largest contiguous built-up area in Lutang is known as the Mega Bagong Bandila Region. Some parts of the MBBR have spilled over out of the Lutang Capital Region (more commonly known as the Greater Bandila Area) into West Sundin.

  • Bagong Bandila is the national capital. It is home to the President's residence, the Lutang Senate, most embassies to Lutang, and many important Lutang government organizations, all in the Government District.
  • Payagin is a city west of Bagong Bandila.
  • Batipaan is a city north of Bagong Bandila. It is home to the Panikasay campus of the University of Lutang.
  • Solidago is the provincial capital and largest city of West Sundin. It is a center for the oil, gas, and music industries.
  • Araminta is a city in the western part of the Greater Bandila Area, near the border with Litsaanan and close to Panapaan. It is the richest city by GDP-per capita in Lutang. Araminta has seen gentrification in some of its districts from the 1980s-2020s.
  • Panapaan is the provincial capital and largest city of Litsaanan.
  • Ines is the provincial capital and largest city of the Ines Peninsula.
  • Halitaan is a city east of Ines, and the closest to Majesia, with ferry links to Sakai.

Government and politics


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Demographics of Lutang
DemonymLutang, Lutangian (adjective) Lutanger (person)
Official languagesIngerish, Santimo
Literacy98 Steady
Life expectancy87 (male) Steady
93 (female) Increase


Religion is more common in the rural parts of the country and particularly in Kaitang and Litsaanan, while urban areas have seen a decrease in religious adherence. Lutang's constitution has a separation of church and state.


Ingerish and Santimo are Lutang's two most common languages. Many people in urban areas use Ingerish in daily life, while people in rural areas are more likely to speak Santimo. A form of speech known as Santerish, which combines Santimo and Ingerish words, is also spoken in urban areas and transitional areas between rural Santimo-majority areas and urban Ingerish-majority areas.



Healthcare in Lutang is provided by the government. Privately run for-profit hospitals coexist with government hospitals.