Madean Union

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Flag of Madean Union Republik Madische Union
Madischian, Mádyt (Gaerman, Bjer)
Capital: Gosburg (union capital)
Population: 3.652.970 (2019)
Motto: « Vereint vor dem see »

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The Madean Union, officially The Republic of the Madean Union (gaerman: Republik Madische Union) is a sovereign country located in Eastern Uletha, along the north coast of the Strait of Madan. It comprises the nations of Algert and Byál. The Union borders Wyster to the north, Helvetiania to the east (both in the same island) and Mergania to the south .


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History of Madische Union
Wystrian and Helvetianian Kingdoms100-1400
• Wystrian Kingdoms100-600
• Byál kingdom500
• Algert part of the Helvetianian Confederation600-1400
Colonial Era1400-1800
• Gaerman Colonisation1400-1805
• Byál Independence1750
• Algertian Independence War1805-1812
• Algertian Expansionim/ Invasion of Byál1830-1835
• Byál famine1865-1879
• Union act1883


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Government of Madische Union
Parliamentary Republic
Head of state
• Unionkanzler(in)Anne Leizee
• Premierminister(in)Spencer Taischwen
• Upper houseUnionhaus
• Lower houseRepräsentantenhaus
JudiciaryMadischer Oberster Gerichtshof
Head of GovernmentSpencer Taischwen
Major political parties
  UP (Unionistidche Partei)
  Gr (GRÜNE)
  SDP (Sozialdemokratische Partei)
  ANP (Algertnationialistische Partei)
  RPB (Republikanische Partei Biallbeland)


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Geography of Madean Union
ContinentUletha (Western)
Population3,652,970 (2019)
• Total50949.7 km2
• Water (%)2%
Population density71.69 km2
Major riversGos, Vürs, Talen, Vinist
Time zoneWUT+2:30 (MST)