Neo Delta

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Neo Delta, also known as Ojanco in the native language, is a country mostly situated on the island of Ojanco (also spelled Owanco) in the southernmost tip of the continent of South Archanta. With a population known for its commitment to pacifism, environmental conservation, and cultural diversity, Neo Delta has emerged as a unique and influential nation in the global landscape.

Geography and Climate

Neo Delta's geography is characterized by its location in the southern hemisphere and its proximity to the South Polar zone. The island of Ojanco, where the country is primarily located, experiences a predominantly cold climate, with mild summers and precipitation spread throughout the year. This climate, coupled with its diverse terrain of mountains, forests, and coastal plains, provides a picturesque backdrop for the nation's cultural and economic activities.


The economy of Neo Delta is centered around tourism, services, technology, and environmental sustainability. With its stunning natural landscapes and commitment to preserving nature, Neo Delta attracts visitors from around the world seeking eco-friendly tourism experiences. Additionally, the country has invested in technology and service industries, capitalizing on its educated workforce and strategic location to foster economic growth and innovation.


Neo Delta's culture is deeply influenced by its pacifist values, environmental ethos, and commitment to inclusivity. Drawing inspiration from the many indigenous peoples who have shares that lands that are now Neo Delta throughout the centuries, the nation embraces principles of non-violence and harmony with nature. A significant portion of the population adheres to a vegan lifestyle, reflecting their respect for all living beings and their dedication to sustainable living practices. Cultural traditions emphasize the importance of preserving nature and fostering a sense of community and mutual respect among all citizens.

Administrative Divisions

Neo Delta is divided into five states, which are further divided into Regions, Counties, and Municipalities (cities, towns, and villages):

  1. Ojanco Mapu: Also known as Ojanco Proper, Ojanco Mapu is the largest state and home to the capital city, Melojdah. It encompasses the majority of the island of Ojanco/Owanco and serves as the political, cultural, and economic center of the nation. Melojdah also serves as the state capital, other important cities are located here, such as Ollagua, Delta City, Ezajun, and Banneg.
  2. Ulihraad: Sharing the island of Ojanco/Owanco with Ojanco Mapu, Ulihraad is known for its scenic beauty and rural charm. It is home to agricultural communities and small towns, contributing to the nation's agricultural sector. Its capital and largest city is Aquera.
  3. Elhadon: Located on a smaller nearby island of the same name, Elhadon is known for its cold pristine beaches and vibrant marine life. It is a popular destination for eco-tourism and outdoor recreation. Its capital and largest city is Kusmahn.
  4. Umpo Islands: Situated further south, the Umpo Islands, also known as the January Islands, are a remote archipelago known for their rugged beauty and rich natural resources. They are home to several indigenous communities and protected natural reserves. Its capital and largest city is Umpoko.
  5. Brugas Islands: Located much further north, the tropical Brugas Islands are a group of islands known for their strategic importance and touristic potential. They are home to fishing communities and serve as a gateway to northern trade routes. Its capital and largest city is Taiago.


Neo Delta's population is characterized by its cultural diversity and mixed heritage. The largest ethnic group is the Ojonan, comprising over 50% of the population, followed by the Deltese or Deltache, descendants of Ingerland colonizers who make up around 30% of the population. The nation prides itself on its inclusivity and commitment to multiculturalism, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity among its citizens.

Global Influence

Neo Delta has gained recognition on the global stage for its neutrality, diplomacy, and commitment to peace and sustainability. As an emerging globalized economy, it actively engages in international cooperation and diplomacy, serving as a mediator and advocate for peace, environmental conservation, and human rights.