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Here are the people who have brought you OpenGeofiction! They all deserve credit and recognition.

Founders and Visionaries thilo (AKA Thilo Stapff),

joschi81 (AKA Johannes Bouchain)

Original design, development & hosting thilo
Admin "Emeritus"

histor, isleño, joschi81, Fleur

Current Redesign and Technical Support

Luciano, wangi

Transition Team

Alessa, eklas, Luciano, stjur, TheMayor, thilo, wangi

Current Admin Team

Alessa, BMSOUZA, eklas, Luciano, stjur, TheMayor, thilo, wangi

Current Hosting geofictician
Financial Support

(Thank you! If you have contributed
and wish to be included here,
please let us know.)

Alessa, antoon, Ernestpcosby, Huachachi, Luciano, Leowezy,
MrGerbear, mvexel, nadriko, Punkmonkey22, ruadh, stjur,
sude, Taka, The_Cute_Chick, TheMayor, Turnsole80,
varnel_maiser, wangi, whateversusan