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This page is dedicated to admin plans concerning the development and organization of East Uletha.

East Uletha overview.png
East Uletha sectors illustration.png

Sectors and commentary

Sector 18 (East Ulethan Taiga)

  • Challenges: none (both countries are empty)
  • Advantages: Blank area with great potential for interesting mapping
  • Proposals and projects:
    • 18a – Opening a multi-owner collaborative territory possibly with a Slavic theme (in the distant future, i.e. no sooner than 2022);
    • 18b – Available to experienced users mainly interested in mapping natural features.

Sector 19 (Polar East)

  • Challenges: Incoherent traces of mapping left by former owners; prone to vandalism (19a)
  • Advantages: Likely a vast area of taiga, tundra and other unique subpolar vegetation types
  • Proposals and projects:
    • 19a – General cleanup, reconstruction of terrain; planned collaborative territory with native subpolar (native Siberian or North American, non-Russian) theme (in the distant future, i.e. no sooner than 2022).

Sector 20 (Central Ulethan Steppe)

  • Challenges: Large grey area
  • Advantages: Convenient location in Central Uletha, could be an interesting melting pot for various languages and cultures
  • Proposals and projects:
    • 20d – Several possible options; likely a collaborative country with a Central Asian (steppe) theme, depending on user interest; may also become split into two or three smaller countries as the current size is quite overwhelming. Low priority (no sooner than 2022);

Sector 21 (Temperate East Uletha I)

  • Challenges: Questionable use of Romance languages (21d, e)
  • Advantages: Interesting use of less conventional languages in the remaining territories
  • Proposals and projects:
    • General – Sector has undergone some changes in 2020 which overall improved the quality and coherence of mapping in the region. A small portion of UL21c (former country 'Darcodia') remains preserved on request from user mstr.

Sector 22 (Temperate East Uletha II)

  • Challenges: Low quality mapping left from past project (22f)
  • Advantages: Good large-scale mapping (22c, d)
  • Proposals and projects:
    • 22c – Territorial reserve for necessary expansions, user relocations;
    • 22f – Territory is available under the condition that the new owner must delete all existing mapping (notably in the western section);
    • General – Countries in this sector are generally owned by experienced users, they have overall good mapping quality and appropriate use of languages and culture. No significant changes are to be expected in the area.

Sector 23 (Emerald Sea North)

  • Challenges: none
  • Advantages: none
  • Proposals and projects:
    • General – Owner of 23a wishes to map an Alpine style country, which would ultimately fit better elsewhere; when presented with the opportunity to move, they have said they would wish to map a territory with an area similar to their current one, which is 743,000 km2; development of 23b has been mostly on hold since September 2019, user is in contact with the admin team.

Sector 24 (Nautical East Uletha)

  • Challenges: Very low quality mapping left from past project (24f), confusing use of Germanic languages (24c, d, e, i, j, k, m)
  • Advantages: Good sea access and optimal climate
  • Proposals and projects:
    • 24f – Territory was created by merging several smaller ones and is available under the condition that the new owner must delete all existing mapping. This condition is set because a portion of the country has belonged to a user who was caught copying from real world maps, so preserving this mapping presents a potential copyright issue. The southwestern part used to be owned by a user who now maps a beginner territory in Archanta, and should be blanked for its low aesthetic value.
    • 24i, j, k – Future of territories remains unclear. Original owner (mstr) decided to leave the server in summer 2020 after a series of miscommunications with the general community; the territories remain reserved until the end of March 2020 upon special agreement with the user that if he returns, he gets ownership of the territories again. In case this does not happen by 31 March 2020, the territories will be repurposed (details are to be discussed then).
    • General – In this region, Germanic themes have a strong presence and their use is currently tolerated, but not recommended for potential new projects.

Sector 25 (Whale Sea states)

  • Challenges: Low activity in UL25e, f
  • Advantages: Interesting cold oceanic theme; high mapping quality in 25h
  • Proposals and projects:
    • 25i – The geology of the islands is unrealistic considering their location; they are going to be downsized and reshaped (soon, i.e. Q2 2021).

Sector 26 (Ulethan Mideast)

  • Challenges: Chaotic, messy mapping and related blue territory problems (26a)
  • Advantages: Great cultural potential, the southern part of the sector possibly having an East Asian theme in the future
  • Proposals and projects:
    • 26a (Midistland) – Midistland remains one of the last large, uncontrolled blue territories in the OGF world, which is a concept currently viewed as obsolete. In the past, there have been efforts to coordinate mapping in the territory with various level of success. The current state of the territory is in any case not up to the standard territories in Uletha are expected to follow. The blue portion of the territory will be downsized to about 5% of its original area, or the current region of Bend, which will be sufficient for the new users (it is about 30,000 sq km). Development of the remaining part remains a matter of discussion, it is however clear that it will in some way involve thorough cleanup and reconstruction of the territory. The potential new theme of landscape in the territory could be similar e.g. to New Mexico, Lebanon or Western India. Redevelopment will take place in 2021 and will begin with the reduction of the blue territory area;
    • Other countries – The remaining five territories in the sector are currently kept as a reserve for future projects. Plans for the area have included introducing a South Asian influence; the final form will be developed in cooperation with users from neighboring area of West Uletha as well as the general community. This is a long-term plan, it is to be realized in 2021 or later.

Sector 27 (Kaspen Sea countries)

  • Challenges: none
  • Advantages: Available to new users
  • Proposals and projects:
    • General – In June 2020, the region was cleaned up, the number of territories has been reduced from 12 to 7 and some have been made available to new owners. In general, countries in this area are expected to be more arid, possibly sharing the theme of steppe or semi-desert climate.

Sector 28 (South Darcodian Sea Coast)

  • Challenges: none
  • Advantages: A temperate territory immediately available to a new user (28b)
  • Proposals and projects:
    • UL28i – Territorial reserve for future development.

Sector 29 (Lantian Peninsula)

  • Challenges: none
  • Advantages: none
  • Proposals and projects:
    • General – Territories in this region are more variable and open to a broader range of cultures and mapping styles;
    • 29f, 29g - As a part of the broader strategy of territory count reduction in East Uletha, territories will eventually be merged with the neighboring ones;
    • 29g – A cleanup will be performed.

Sector 30 (Axian Peninsula)

  • Challenges: Poor mapping quality (30a)
  • Advantages: Could become East Asian in the future (some territories already following this theme)
  • Proposals and projects:
    • 30a – Territory has recently been withdrawn from its original user; on their request, they are allowed to continue editing there. However, in correspondence with the neighboring countries and the future direction of sector 26, an Asian theme is likely to be introduced into the territory.

Sector 31 (East Ulethan Grassland)

  • Challenges: none
  • Advantages: Interesting use of East Asian cultures
  • Proposals and projects:
    • General – Territories in this region are open primarily for users wishing to map in Korean, Japanese or other East Asian languages, following the established theme of the area (Izaland).
    • 31a – Territorial reserve for necessary expansions, user relocations. Cleanup of vandalism will be performed;

Sector 32 (Monsoon East Uletha)

  • Challenges: none
  • Advantages: none
  • Proposals and projects:
    • General – Sector 32 is a stable area with established countries, where no major changes are expected.

Sector 33 (Tropical South Uletha)

  • Challenges: none
  • Advantages: An area with generally good mapping quality, coherent language and climate scheme
  • Proposals and projects: none

Completed projects

  • Territory renumbering (April 2020)
  • Sector 27 cleanup (June 2020)
  • Splitting former Darcodia / UL21c (June 2020)
  • Territorial changes in sectors 28, 29, 31, 32 (July 2020)
  • Cleanup of sectors 28, 29 (August 2020)