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We encourage you to illustrate your wiki articles with images. Images let other users experience and immerse themselves your country in a way that text by itself can never equal. If you do, however, we require that you abide by the site's image policy:

  1. Upload only free use images (self-created, public domain, or Creative Commons licensed). This applies to artwork as well as photographs. There are literally hundreds of millions of free use images out there, including most of the images you see on Wikipedia and lots of other places. For details see below.
  2. Do not upload images already on Wikimedia Commons. This wiki provides for Commons integration, so any image available on Wikimedia Commons is already available to you and approved for use. All you have to do is link to the image normally as you would an uploaded image.
  3. Whenever you upload an image, you must include a the relevant copyright information and a link to the source of the image or other information indicating that it was self-created.
  4. No obscene, vulgar, or graphic imagery is permitted. Please consider the policy on civility before uploading images.
  5. The OGF encyclopedia is not an image-hosting service and is publicly viewable. All images must be relevant to encyclopedia contributions or will be removed. Unused images will be purged periodically. Because the site is public-facing, please know that any images of yourself or other individuals will be visible at large. Any images you upload that violate the privacy of others is a violation of OGF policy.

What images can I upload to the OGF encyclopedia?

There are many types of images that can be used on the OpenGeofiction encyclopedia. They include the following:

  • Self-produced photos or artwork. You are welcome to upload images of your own photos or artwork. If the graphics you uploaded contain images or pieces of images you did not create, the comprising material must also be free to use. For example, if you included an image or flag on a banknote, it must also be free to use.
  • Public-domain images as defined by United States law. The OGF server is housed in the United States and is subject to US copyright law. Public domain images items published before 1926 or those created by individuals that died more than 70 years ago and never submitted notice of copyright renewal. When in doubt, feel free to check with the wiki admin. Also note that many images are released into the public domain by their creators on sites such as pixabay and Additionally, works created by US federal government officials as part of official duties are automatically in the public domain by law.
  • Images released under a Creative Commons license. All CC licenses still require that you credit the creator and original license. Different types of Creative Commons licensed images include:
Note that most images at Wikimedia Commons have been released under one of the above Creative Commons licenses. You can use images from Commons directly, so please do not upload duplicate copies here. Duplicate Commons images will be deleted immediately.

Important notice: Even with all the above usable images, beware of using photos that show product names or logos (trademark rights) or people's faces (privacy/personality rights).

And in all cases, please remember to include a link to the source of the image at the time you upload.

Where can I find Creative Commons licensed images to use on OGF wiki?

There are a number of websites whose contents is primarily Creative Commons licensed.

  • Wikipedia - all images on Wikipedia should have their copyright information clearly listed so it is clear to see what can be used on OGF wiki
    • Wikimedia Commons hosts many of the images used on Wikipedia, and you can embed the image on the page without having to upload it.
  • Geograph - a project to photograph every grid square of the UK and Ireland - all images are CC licensed.
  • Pixabay - a resource for free use images online.
  • Google Images - you can use the image search tools to filter by reuse license
  • Your own photos! - of course only if you give yourself permission to use these on the OGF wiki.

No matter where you sourced your image always include a link in the description when you upload.

What information is needed, and where does it go?

When uploading an image, copyright info should be entered in the "Summary" box.

If you're adding copyright info to an image which has already been uploaded, go to the image's information page, usually accessible by clicking on the image. You can then click "Edit" in the upper right to add the information and "Save page" when you are finished.

How can I find images I uploaded?

For a list of all the images you've uploaded, go to Special:log/upload, enter your username in the "Performer" box, and click "Go." Reuploads are also logged in the upload log, and deletions are found in the deletion log.

Once you have found it, you can add it to a page, use a link in one of the following forms:

  • [[File:File.jpg]] to use the full version of the file
  • [[File:File.png|200px|thumb|left|alt text]] to use a 200 pixel wide rendition in a box in the left margin with "alt text" as description
  • [[Media:File.ogg]] for directly linking to the file without displaying the file