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EUOIA preparation

First discissons

  • might keep its old name
  • based on feedback from potential members
  • no large tables, no listing of information already given on member pages
  • will be updated to current status

Possible names:

  • Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies (EUOIA): +++ well known in the OGF world, --- "allies" sounds military
  • Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Associates (EUOIA)
  • Eastern Ulethan Union (EUU): --- too close to European Union
  • Associated Nations in Eastern Uletha (ANEU): --- too close to ASUN
  • Eastern Ulethan League (EUL)
  • Organization of Eastern Ulethan Nations/States (OEUN/OEUS)
  • Independent Countries in Eastern Uletha (ICEU)
  • Ardentic Ulthea instead of Eastern Uletha?
  • Independent sounds important?
  • States, Nations or countries?

Prerequisites to join?

  • country in Eastern Uletha (East of Midistland)?
  • politically stable... democracy? transparency?
  • not involved in conflicts/wars (when joining)
  • economically stable?

List of meetings

Member states

OLD TEXT: There are 22 members of the Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies. The EUOIA covers a total area of more than 3 million square kilometers across the eastern portion of the Ulethan continent. The profile of each country varies from smaller countries like Viljanni to larger ones, such as Kojo. Every country in the organisation has at least one stretch of coastline, and four of the countries are situated almost entirely on an island. The climate varies from Agarderia and Glaster's colder continental climate in the north to Kojo and Belphenia's semi-arid and subtropical regions. All of the countries feature some urbanisation, but the population and density of each member state varies across the spectrum. Viljanni, for example, is among the most densely populated. Although census numbers do not exist for every country, the population within the member states exceeds 420 million. The largest city is Pyingshum, Kojo; Belphenia is the most populated country.

On a political level, each country is different. Most of the member states are republics of some type. Eshein, Wiwaxia and Wyster are monarchies. Other varying systems exist, like Belphenia's theocratic guilds. With a few exceptions, most of the countries rank as high or very high on the human development index.

List of historic places

Historic places:

  • Silath (Wyster) 51.1584/130.4938
  • Reeghyt (Wyster) 51.5337/129.4928
  • Castle Velin (Viljanni) 43.6675/130.1134
  • Nortenger (Eshein) 42.9611/129.2591
  • Kalasatama (Eelanti) 55.4991/136.7224

Please add your proposals:

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Treaty of xxxxxxxxx


  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Place of signature: tbd, Template:Tbd
Date: xxx xx, 19xx
Effective: xxxx xx, 19xx
Short history:

Ratified by: tbd, x, x


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Economic Forum
Located in Freistat, Mergania flag.png Mergania.

The Economic Forum is responsible for the short distances between governments and industrial partners of the member states.

East Ulethan Organization of Independent Associates

Assembly of Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief

The Assembly of Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief (OHAER) is a Assembly of Nations (AN) body formed in February 1986 by an assembly resolution. The resolution was designed to strengthen the AN's response to complex emergencies and natural disasters. Earlier endeavors of the AN in such difficult tasks of fast and non-bureaucratic aid often suffer from misorder and unclear task sharing.

Darcodian Sea

Darcodian Sea

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The Darcodian Sea is a sea in the east of Uletha. Its name derives from the bordering country Darcodia. Other bordering countries are (in clockwise order) Darcodia, Keira, Älved, Kåra , Glaster, Wyster, Älgert, Mergania, Eshein, Nelavia, Sãikyel, x, x, x, x, Reeland, Ispelia and Vartasimalia. The sea is connected via 3 straits (Strait of ?, Maede Strait, Suidern Strait) to the Eastern Ocean.

Eastern Uletha

Eastern Uletha

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Eastern Uletha, also known as East Uletha or Ardentic Uletha, is the eastern part of the Ulethan continent.

Geographical definition

While the outer geographical boundaries of Uletha are well defined, the boundaries of regions in Uletha are not. A quite common definition is that Midistland and all countries east of it belong to Eastern Uletha. In some cases, countries on the Axian Peninsula (Pasundan-Padjadjaran, Wiwaxia and Ataraxia) and the north do not belong to Eastern Uletha.

Central bodies of water in Eastern Uletha are the Kaspen Sea, the Darcodian Sea, the Gulf of Volta and the Gulf of Preya. Very well known is the Scythe of Uletha, a chain of island nations.

Political and economic definitions

From a political and economic point of view, the formation of the East Ulethan Organisation of Independent Associates had a very high impact.


Gobeletplain is a worldwide operating coffee company and coffeehouse chain. The first Gobeletplain café was opened in May 1923 at St. Gobeletplain in Freistat by the master confectioner Herbert Schultheißer. All company's locations serve hot and cold drinks, whole-bean coffee, caffe latte, espresso, different types of tea, juices and snacks including items such as chips and crackers. Many stores sell pre-packaged food items, hot and cold sandwiches, and drinkware including tumblers and mugs.

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Symbol important note.svg Important technical notes to users
You are very welcomed to add Gobeletplain cafes in your country/state/municipality. Please tag a node with
and, if required, is_in:state= (e.g. in the FSA). To show the location in the wiki, please add additionally the node
to relation 147004 if it's located in the Federal States or
to relation 48497 if it is located elsewhere.

And don't forget to enjoy your coffee!

Gulf of Volta

Gulf of Volta

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The Gulf of Volta (Eshen: Galf av Wo̊ltta; Mergan: Golf von Volta) is an oceanic basin that is a southwestward extension of the Scythian Sea. It is surrounded entirely by parts of the Ulethan continent and serves as an interior, marginal sea off the Ardentic Ocean. The bordering countries are (in clockwise order) Eshein, Viljanni, Mergania, Helvetiany, Zsansk, Lucenius, Westway, Nuen, Izaland, UL28h, and Nelavia. The bay is connected via the Strait of Madrin, Strait of Owneheym and the Southern Strait to the Darcodian Sea.

Major ports include the Port of Brugham in the northwest, the Port of Eym.


Its Ingerish name is derived from the island Volta. In Eshen, the name of Volta is "Wo̊ltta" therefore the name of the gulf in Eshen is "Galf av Wo̊ltta", Gulf of Volta.

Map of natural ressources

a simple map to collect all natural ressources

  • taken from the old wiki...
  • could/should be improved by a map-based approach(?)
  • new ideas are welcome -> e.g. on discussion page

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Kalmish language

Estimated number of speakers206 million
Writing System
Norms of linguistic structure
Noun declensions
Verb conjugations
Adjective declensions
Kalmish is a West Gaermanic language in the Uletarephian Language Group that was first spoken in Kalm and is now a language spoken everywhere in the world. Prominent variants of Kalmish are Gaerman, Mergan and Sassn in Zylanda.

History and geographic distribution

Kalmish alphabet

The modern Kalmish alphabet consists of the twenty-six standard Latinic letters plus four special letters, all are part of the PAR Unicode-letters.

A a /aː/
Ä ä /ɛː/
B b /beː/
C c /t͡seː/
D d /deː/
E e /eː/
F f /ɛf/
G g /ɡeː/
H h /haː/
I i /iː/
J j /jɔt/
K k /kaː/
L l /ɛl/
M m /ɛm/
N n /ɛn/
O o /oː/
Ö ö /øː/
P p /peː/
Q q /kuː/
R r /ɛʁ/
S s /ɛs/
' ß
T t /teː/
U u /uː/
Ü ü /yː/
V v /faʊ̯/
W w /veː/
X x /ɪks/
Y y /ˈʏpsilɔn/
Z z /t͡sɛt/


The continents are named in Kalmish:

Scythe of Uletha

The Scythe of Uletha

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The Scythe of Uletha is a chain of island nations encompassing the easternmost point of Uletha. The nations located on the Scythe are, from south-west to east: Mergania, Madean Union, Wyster, Helvetiania, Ostau, UL25b, UL25d, Justinique, UL25f, UL25g, Østermark.

The islands are surrounded by the Darcodian Sea, the Gulf of Volta and the Valian Sea of the Ardentic Ocean.


The Kalmish Staatenbund, often simply referred to as the Staatenbund, is an international association of xx member states. Most of the members are former territories or colonies of the Kalmish Empire, such as Kalm, Mergania, tbd, tbd, tbd, and tbd.

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See also:

Territory map

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Organization map

     Member state     Non-member state

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Map from old wiki

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Mergan high voltage network

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