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Greetings! I am oneofbeatlefan, a mapper based in Indonesia.

I mapped and owned and co-owned several territories:

Kingdom of Wallea

The Kingdom of Wallea is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy located in a region with cultural influences from the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It has a fascinating history, having been colonized by the Castellan and Ingerish. Within the last two decades, Wallea has undergone rapid industrialization, propelling its economy to new heights. As a result, it is poised to become a significant regional economic power in the near future. The nation takes pride in its rich culture and cuisine. However, like many countries, Wallea faces challenges such as natural resource exploitation, poverty, corruption, and environmental disasters that need to be addressed.

Sultanate of Majésia (ꦩꦗꦺꦱꦶꦪ)

Majésia is a unitary Islamic (Imanic) constitutional monarchy situated near the equator, blessed with abundant natural resources and a vibrant culture. Recently, the nation embraced democracy, with a Prime Minister elected by the people and a Sultan serving as the head of state. Majésia's culture is influenced by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, with a strong Indic heritage reflected in Sanskrit-inspired names due to its past as a significant Indic empire. The nation's legal system combines elements of Sharia and common law, which has drawn criticism from some quarters. Nevertheless, Majésia continues to open itself to the world, gradually sharing its resources and growing economy. The country's left-wing parliamentary setup has given rise to a developing social welfare system and land co-ownership programs.

Commonwealth of Central Archanta

The Commonwealth of Central Archanta (CCA) is a federal republic with a presidential system. Its unique political structure boasts one of the world's only three capitals. Though de jure democratic, the nation has an authoritarian undertone. The culture of the CCA draws inspiration from Southern Bantu nations like South Africa, Botswana and also Madagascar in the northern part of CCA. The nation has a complex history, marked by events such as apartheid, slavery, and fascism. After facing defeat in the Great War, the CCA experienced an economic miracle fueled by abundant resources, including oil, coal, uranium, diamonds, and lithium, transforming it into a global economic player. However, economic growth has not eradicated issues like inequality and violence, which continue to impact the lives of the less privileged. Despite these challenges, the CCA has attracted numerous companies seeking to invest in its industrial prowess, leading to a juxtaposition of opulent mansions next to struggling slums.

Republic of Kwinatu

The Republic of Kwinatu is a unitary republic governed by a presidential system. It was once a part of the CCA but declared independence in 1982. Sharing some cultural aspects with the CCA, Kwinatu's political structure draws inspiration from Singapore and Rwanda. The nation's transformation from poverty-stricken and conflict-ridden to a regional industrial powerhouse is a remarkable achievement, though it has been led by a benevolent dictatorship. Kwinatu's leader played a pivotal role in guiding the country toward prosperity.

State of Tennewa, Federal States of Archanta

Tennewa is a state in the Federal States of Archanta, reminiscent of the Midwest and Mountain regions of the USA, including Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Nebraska. Culturally, the state's roots can be traced back to the Shoshone and Arapaho tribes, but later, Scottish and French (Franquese) settlers significantly influenced its development. Tennewa's economy thrives on mining, farming, and tourism.

State of Cosperica, Federal States of Archanta

Cosperica, another state within the Federal States of Archanta, is characterized by cultural influences from the Southwestern USA, particularly California and Arizona. Its rich heritage includes a prominent Native American presence, which was later shaped by Spanish (Castellan) colonization. In more recent history, Cosperica became an integral part of the Federal States of Archanta.

Mussayab Province, Mazan

Mussayab is a province which loosely based on more rural Jordan and Levant region.

Feel free to talk to me about anything and happy mapping!