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Hi. Please don't call me by my username, it's cringe (not generally, just mine in particular). I guess you can just use my initials instead, SJ.

I map Reeland flag.svg ReelandI will request the template as soon as I find (or redraw) the flag (on my own) and FlagZalivnia.png Zalivnia (with Bixelkoven, Nikolia, and another, unfortunately inactive, friend). I used to map Midistland.

My hobbies and interests outside OGF include: public transport (who knew?), city-building games (SimCity 4, Cities:Skylines) (who knew?), programming, listening to heavy music (industrial and metal), writing and producing music (also industrial and metal), and linguistics. I guess I'm kind of a renaissance person.

Reeland: Best of

Reeland is a country based on Germany, Austria and The Netherlands. Its language – Reelandic – is based on German, Low German, and Dutch (who knew?), with some additional Greek vocabulary, and Proto-Ree (completely imaginary) vocabulary. I also draw influences in mapping from my hometown, Belgrade (more often than not, subconsciously and not intentionally).

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