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Official languagesBrevinian

Brevinfeld (ing.Brevinia), is a country in East Uletha. It shares a border with UL19, Karolia, Älved, Neberly, Keira, and Vyzdland.

Its population is around 3 million.

The landscape of this cold-climate, low populated country, goes from large, hilly forest zones in the east, to dry plains and prairies in the center, and cold high-altitude arid steppes in the west.

The population is related to that of Karolia and Eelant, but due to the country being part of the Älvedic Union there have been mixes with other Älvedic populations.

Brevinfeld territory is rich in precious minerals, fertile valleys, and prairies for livestock. Originally, only the Pustabed basin and higher Brevinia have had significant populations. The population boom in the northeast, as well as the settlements in the far western steppes, are mostly due to mining industry.