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Hello, since I'm a main contributor to the Plevian Collaboration Project, I will use this page to start a discussion on a general timeline for the country.

Firstly, there are some questions we need to answer in the future, like:

The interactions between Plevia and Castellán The interactions with Plevia and its neighbours to the north and east.

Castellán is now a collab, so any things we have to set straight will be able, the same can be applied for Suria. However the future of Antigo is still uncertain, so this will be a topic for another time.

Lithium has gracefully given us a general timeline for Franqueterre, which will probably be kept and only slightly changed, so in terms of interactions with Franqueterre, we are generaly set.

For the history of Plevia, there was already extensive talks, however, nothing official. So I'll set out some general points we should talk about, so we can form a general timeline.

Pre-Romantian Plevia.

Romantias duration. (Also if we shouldn't find a better name for a romantic speaking empire)

Medieval times (Somewhat covered by Franqueterre), and how many provinces were under the unfluence of Franquia.


Relations with Suria

Relations with Navenna

Modern times