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This article is about the territory UL08f, and the project's info. For the country of Plevia, see Plevia.

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Located in Western Uletha, UL08f is a collaboration project inside OGF, and the only one (excluding privately owned territories) related to real-world Italy.

Project contributors


  • Izaland - Manager of the project.
  • seasvnz - Since summer 2022 (Omissa)
  • Alexmar983 - Since November 2022, various minor improvements on the whole territory
  • Geoc3ladus - Since August 2023, various town detailing, mainly around Osianopoli


The following list includes users who extensively contributed in mapping Plevia

In training or occasional mappers

Rules for joining

Contact Izaland if you are interested in participating. To map in Plevia it is essential that you are able to map cities in Italian style (old towns, piazzas, castles and churches) and have a basic knowledge of Italian language.

Plevia mapping style

The different environments of Plevia (image).

(from Mtejku222's idea:) Since it's supposed to be OGF:Italy, it's going to be quite similar to it in terms of culture and, to a lesser extent, history. However, it's located significantly further north, with its southernmost point being at the same latitude as central Italy and its northernmost point not far from Leipzig, Germany. For this reason, its climate will be Mediterranean in the south, oceanic in the west, humid subtropical in the east, and continental to arid in the north.

Economically, it will be slightly poorer than Italy, with the south-east and the south-west being generally richer than the north for historical reasons. The territory is larger than Italy and will have a similar population density (192 people/km2 vs. Italy's 201/km2); the population will be around 92 million. The capital city will also be the largest, and will be located in the south-east. It will serve as the cultural and historical centre of the country. It won't be too similar to Rome, but will have been a major hub of the OGF:Latin world in a distant past.

The country will receive strong cultural influences from other nations, especially near the borders: Arabic in the south (kind of like Sicily, and there might be certain places where Maltese is spoken); Venetian in the south-east (given the presence of Navenna); Turkic further to the north; Surian in the east; Antigoan (English/Latin) in the north; and Franquese in the west. There might be a separatist movement near Franqueterre. Of course, the main culture will be Italian-like, just like the language. However, I don't want it to be too similar, so this is as analogous as the country will get to its real world counterpart; most other things I will try to make original.

Current areas in activity

Mapping Notes
Osianopoli - The Capital

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  • The city was firstly planned by the currently (as of 2022 Nov.) user Mtejku222
  • Based on Verona and Neaples
  • Population of about 6 million people
Urgent Issues
  • Improve and complete the historical city center. Osianopoli corresponds to the RW Rome as the cradle of an old civilisation
  • Improve and extend the EUO District, inspired by Rome's EUR. Here also most of the embassies will be located (free to map yours, after letting me know)
  • Expand the airport, just drafted.
Temisa - The second city

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  • Inspired by Istanbul?
  • Also started by Mtejku222
  • Close to Franquese speaking country. Many place names (palaces, streets etc) will have Franquese contaminations
  • Population of about 3 million people
Urgent Issues
  • Improve and complete the historical city center.
  • Find a suitable position for a large commercial port.
  • Expand or rethink the airport, just drafted.
Costa - A port city on the western coast

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  • Inspired by Genoa
  • Mapped by ITC
  • Population of about 650k people

Administrative divisions

A proposal, based on the current situation, of the regions of Plevia.

Main subdivision levels
Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Plevia Regions Provinces Cantons Comunes

Cantons (Cantoni): Subprovincial administrative subdivision, which is non-elective. They delineates homogeneous portions of territory that encompass similar municipalities or indicates portions of urban neighborhoods,  for service provision.

Services provided on the territory by regions or mandated by law coordinated by municipalities are delivered on a cantonal basis. Thus, tourism offices, school bus lots, local waste collection centers, local hospitals, local police and firefighters, animal shelters, and tourism offices are among the services typically organized at the cantonal level.

Current situation of Plevia regions
Regions of Plevia
N Name Ref Capital Extension Population Brief description
1 Pretannica PR Pradibosco Protruding region, facing Pretannic Lake
2 Alcamo AC Coveria Steppes, underdeveloped region, some nomadic minorities, gas and mineral extraction
3 Massabria MS Cadelfia 13,609 km²
4 Rovonia RV Penacampi 34,957 km² Large region with mountains and archaeological sites of ancient civilisations
5 Gralesia Occidentale GC Rocca di Contadinassa 11,338 km² Mountain resort of Plevia
6 Gralesia Orientale GR Morena 8,984 km² Possibly had a communist past? Nouns with Slavic influences
7 Lavarinato LV Lavarino 36,023 km² Far away community, the life standards are below Plevia average, beautiful unspoiled nature with volcanic lakes
8 Transgorizia TG Sarri 26,100 km² Possibly had a communist past? Nouns with Slavic influences
9 Ludna LD Ludna 11,127 km² Larger Franquese speaking minority
10 Glasponto GP Acqualonga 20,091 km²
11 Bardigliera BD Ponte Bodesio 38,155 km²
12 Campanese CP Campana Productive region, and one of the best food destinations
13 Norenzano-Valbrenna NV Norenzo 11,649 km² Region rich in history and art
14 Temisano TM Temisa Region of the second city of Plevia, about 20% of population speaks Franquese as native language, similar to Liguria
15 Mescadia MC Costa Similar to Liguria, once an important maritime power
16 Valcesia VC Luviana 19,245 km² Rich region with factories and high agricultural production (RW Emilia Romagna?)
17 Oltresuria OS Lafore 17,491 km² Low population density, hard to reach
18 Covenzate CV Covenza Rich region close to the capital
19 Città Metropolitana di Osianopoli CM Osianopoli Heart of Plevia and most populated region
20 Barabista BB Ulconara 20,297 km² Mountainous and desertic outback
21 Agrato AG Gerta Tourist seaside resort of Plevia
22 Camberie CB Civitelle Also, southern resort area
23 Nascilia NS Chiaramonte Plevian Navenna (under Navenna control in the past), very developed
24 Isole Libeccie IL Palma Cerviana Islands closer to Mitras and Castellan, local dialect spoken here

Largest cities and metropolitan areas

The following list has been proposed by ante44

  1. Osianopoli (comune: 5.1 M, metro: 8.2 M)
  2. Temisa (comune: 1.9 M, metro: 3.7 M)
  3. Civitelle (comune: 1.5 M, metro: 1.9 M)
  4. Campana (comune: 1.2 M, metro: 1.8 M)
  5. Gerta (comune: 1.0 M, metro: 1.3 M)
  6. Toja (comune: 0.9 M, metro: 1.6 M)
  7. Lavarino (comune: 0.7 M, metro 1.1 M)
  8. Sarri (comune: 0.7 M, metro: 0.9 M)
  9. Denezia (comune: 0.6 M, metro: 1.3 M)
  10. Convenza (comune: 0.5 M, metro: 0.9M)
  11. Chiaramonte (comune: 0.5 M, metro: 1.2 M)
  12. Penacampi (comune: 0.4 M, metro: 0.7 M)
  13. Vico (comune: 0.3 M, metro: 1.0 M)
  14. Savanolo (comune: 0.3 M, metro: 0.5 M)
  15. Zari (comune: 0.3 M, metro: 0.7 M)




The railway network of Plevia counts on:

  • 1134,081 km of high speed rail
  • xxxx,xx km of standard speed rail (as of May 2023 measurement, not accurate, only FSP infrastructure)
Expand (on the right →) to view the railway network of Plevia

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Air Plevia Logo (by ITC)


At the moment the main flag carrier of Plevia is Air Plevia (code: PV). It offers domestic flights, regional ones to/from the Mediterranean Sea countries, and some intercontinental flights to Eastern Uletha and Tarephia.

Diplomatic presence

Country (in Plevian) in Plevia Abroad Notes
Arténie drapeau.png Artenia Osianopoli (embassy) Arténie-Ville (embassy)
2 Brasonia.png Brasonia Campo Verde (embassy)
Template:Commonia Commonia Osianopoli (embassy)
2560px-FP-Deodeca.svg Deodeca Deodeca Osianopoli (embassy)
Izaland flag.png Izaland Izalandia Osianopoli (embassy) Sainðaul (embassy)
Flag Lany.png Łany Lania Osianopoli (embassy)
Template:Midistland Midislandia Osianopoli (embassy)
Mitrasflag.png Mitras Mitra Osianopoli (embassy)
Civil flag of Navenna.svg Navenna Navenna Navenna (embassy)



Collaborators, please, include in the following tables all the stadiums and teams you map in Plevia.

Some cities was previously decided as host places to the main teams in the leagues

Lega A

Team City Ground Colours Remarks
' Osianopoli-CM
' Osianopoli-CM
Temisa Temisa-TM
' Temisa-TM
' Costa-MC
' Luviana-VC

Lega B

Team City Ground Colours Remarks
' Sandi-NS

Lega C

Team City Ground Colours Remarks
SS Cittá di Terano Terano-NS Stadio Gianno Arelli  Blue   Black