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Flag of Artenia Artenia

Arténie (Franquese)
(Akodjonian (Akojomã))
Capital: Arténie-Ville
Population: 2 162 950 (2023)

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Artenia (Arténie in Franquese, Arténi or Akojomã in Akodjonian) is an island country in northern Antarephia. Its localisation is within the islands archipelagos of northern Antarephia; north of Artenia is AN101 and south of the country is Marize. Further East of Artenia, there are AN113, AN103, San Marcos and further West of the island, are located Meilan, Geare, AN105 and Freedemia.

Artenia is an archipelago of 4 islands: 1 big island above the tiny others (Mainland) and 3 others which 2 of them are islets: Rochville (little island), Ilôt Marginal (islet) and another islet north of Fort-Fronton.

Government Data - The Noun Project.svg
Administrative divisions of Artenia
First-level4 Régions / Mãdistriktlis
Second-levelCommunes / Vlôlôhlis

Villages / Klôlôhlis

1 Ville-Capitale / Vlôlô-Kapitali
Third-levelArrondissements / Vlôdistriktlis
Fourth-levelHameaux / Klôlôhkãlis
Quartiers / Trãwlèlis

Ground Transportation - The Noun Project.svg
Infrastructure of Artenia
Driving sideRight
• Passing sideRight
• ElectrificationVaries
Mains electricity230 V, 50 Hz