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Flag of Eelanti Eelanti
Eelannin tasavalta (Eelandese)
Capital: Suursaari
Population: TBD
Motto: TBD
Anthem: Isänmaa rakkahin

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Eeland (officially the Republic of Eeland; in Eelandese Eelanti and officially the Eelannin tasavalta) is a sovereign state in Uletha. Eelanti is bordered by Neberly to the west, UL19a to the north, Kaarti to the east and Emerald Sea (in Eelandese Emeraldimeri) to the south. The capital of Eeland is Suursaari.

Republic of Eeland
Flag of Eeland

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Isänmaa rakkahin (Native land, the dearest)
Largest citySuursaari
Official languagesEelandese
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
 • PresidentEsko Virtanen
 • Prime MinisterMatti Aho
HDI (2015)Increase 0.902
very high
TimezoneWUT + 9
CurrencyEelannin Markka (mk) (EMK)

Cities and Municipalities


Kärki is the southernmost town of Eeland. It is located at the southern tip of the Pitkäniemi peninsula and is surrounded by Pitkäniemi National Park. This has limited the growth of the city which has resulted in an unusual city layout. Some old residential areas have been rebuilt with higher population density. One of these areas is Eteläpää which used to be similar to Sahala.


Pitkäniemi is the biggest city on the Pitkäniemi peninsula. One of the biggest harbours in Eelanti is located there. Pitkäniemi Shipyard (Pitkäniemen telakka) is close to the city.


Peräkylä is a relatively small village in the northern part of Eeland. It is home to Peräkylä Train Factory (Peräkylän junatehdas).


Suursaari is the capital of Eeland and is very large compared to other cities in Eelanti. It has a large metro system and two major harbours.

Major Companies

Eelandian Seaways

MS Eelandian Saga on it's way from Pitkäniemi (Eeland) to Scassenc in Wyster. It's operated by Eelandian Seaways.

Eelandian Seaways is an Eelandian shipping company that operates a fleet of ferries and cruise ferries. Eelandian Seaways is operated from Suursaari. It connects Eeland to other countries including Wyster, Glaster and Jahta.

Pitkäniemi Shipyard

Pitkäniemi Shipyard (Pitkäniemen telakka) is a large shipyard capable of building large cruise ships and ferries.

Peräkylä Train Factory

Peräkylä Train Factory (Peräkylän junatehdas) is the biggest train and tram manufacturer in Eeland. It is located in Peräkylä.