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Any suggestions, comments, feedback, and questions about the country should be done here. This forum is the official place for all discussions and collaboration regarding the country. zhenkang is the coordinator for the Bai Empire collaborative territory and project. For more information on the project, see Collab:Bai_Empire.

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The Cute Chick (talk) 22:17, 6 November 2021 (UTC)

December 2023 (Xiongjing and Port Dunghoi)

Given finals are almost over, I also decided to renew focus on the Bai Empire project. As such, I'm promoting two projects that I'm offering up for collaboration by everyone.

  • Xiongjing is the cultural and political centre of the Empire constructed on a high-altitude plateau with two large lakes. The city, master-planned since its inception in 1822, is based around the government quarter within an 8 by 8 km zone. The government quarter is where most of the government institutions are located, with the palace as its centrepiece.
  • Port Dunghoi is a major port city on the east coast of the Empire, and a frontier city to Kanglapo at its south. While the city speaks Cantonese (and a portion speaks Katayan), simplified Baizi will still be used for place and street names. The city will be mainly inspired by Shenzhen (i.e. plenty of manufacturing zones as a technology and research hub) with other elements from other cities in the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macau Greater Bay Area (including Macau and Hong Kong). I am open to more ideas to make this more than just another Hong Kong analogue.

Much of the two cities, while already having a certain degree of presence on the map, require much more urban mapping to be done. The projects remains open for collaboration. All experienced users, even those not familiar with Chinese, are welcome to message me or ask on the discussion page if they want to participate. You can help detail a neighbourhood, or even map other major infrastructure like railway stations or universities.

You can check the two project pages for a list of available projects, but here is an overview of what can be done:

Stock post message.svg To do list

Xiongjing (capital):

  • Complete the suburb division of the city
  • Detail the National Palace.
  • Micromapping for the important areas of the city, including the commercial and industrial areas.

Port Dunghoi:

  • Plan the railway network in the city
  • More mapping in Gingwang District
  • Proposals for a harbour on Dunghoi Island.