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Name : Republic of Hókangu / Républikai di Hókangu

Territory ID : AN331

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Hókangu has a tropical climate, with temperatures varying from 21C to 31C year-round. It gets warm winds quite often.

Hókangu consists of a one round mountainous island, with the tallest hills reaching ~1600 meters in the middle of the island.

The population of Hókangu is around ~70,000, with 3 small cities on the beaches. Hòkangu's GDP is around 3 billion Int$.

Hókangu's currency is noduke (N£), being strictly kept at an exchange rate of 9.848N£ / 1 Int$.

Income comes mainly from tourism and fishing. Hókangu has a high HDI and is safe, mostly due to its isolated location in the middle of the ocean.

Paintings and art are popular in Hókangu.

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Hókangu has a tropical tribe culture.

It has once served as a popular harbour and fishing port for passing travellers.

It was populated by Neheikongei tribe culture at 500 - 1500 CE

The language spoken in Hókangu by hokanguians is houkai. Houkai sounds very different from any other language.

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I haven't really mapped a lot in OpenGeoFiction, but I know about mapping very well and can make realistic cities and landscape.

My mappings in the Practice Zone has disappeared or atleast I can't find them anymore.

PiratFIN (talk) 13:24, 16 April 2024 (UTC)

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