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UL08e - Avragne

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Avragne’s geography is inspired by the south of France and northwestern Italy.


Both the north and south of the country are relatively mountainous (this can be tweaked if not in line with plans of neighbouring territories – I have based the topography on existing border shapes and surrounding features that are mapped). A main central river flows from the west and is surrounded mostly by flatland.


To my understanding, the territory generally falls under Csa, with Csb/Cfb at higher elevations.

Territory sketch

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Most of the population will be located along the main river, where several major cities including the capital will be found, as well as on the flatter coastal areas. Smaller towns will be located within the more mountainous areas. Estimated population of ~2 million.


GDP per capita of around 35,000 USD. The economy relies on agriculture, tourism and high-tech products.


A mainly Franquese-speaking territory with possible Plevian influence and, to the west, linguistic influence from neighbouring Mperiye Sathriada (although I may need some help in identifying this).

Mapping style

The mapping style will be inspired by the south of France and northwestern Italy.

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Based off of the surrounding area, Avragne may have historically been part of the Romantian Empire, possibly even part of Franqueterre; gaining independence in the 19th century.

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After giving up my previous territories and taking a break from OGF for a few years, my mapping examples are limited, but I've been working recently on these areas in the beginners zone:

(These tiles may still be in the process of updating)

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KHBritish (talk) 22:01, 28 March 2024 (UTC)

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Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Approved; no large changes to plans required ⸺ Bixelkoven (talk) (West Uletha Admin) 22:15, 30 March 2024 (UTC)
Your provided mapping is quite good and is in par with the style imagined for the territory. It's not the largest in quantity, and I would've liked to see some mountainous mapping as well, however I trust you will provide good mapping examples of those in the future as well. Friendly suggestion to limit using grids from your urban mapping, feel free to experiment with free-flow street layouts more. Your geography plan is okay, do note that the mountains on your western border would be your main and highest mountain chain being part of a larger continental chain running north to south. The other mountainous areas shuld feature lower elevations, while probably staying as part of the main chain. Additionally, the language of Mperiye Sathriada is a conlang, so the info on it is limited, you may try to replicate it, but I cannot help further with that. Happy mapping!