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About me

I am the creator and curator of Mauretia, and co-founder and co-editor of Mennowa along side Leowezy. I also serve as an administrator for OpenGeofiction, with primary oversight of the wiki, and coordinate West Massodeya. Feel free to contact me (private message or talk page) if you have any questions or would like to collaborate on something.

International cooperation: Mauretia

International cooperation
Air traffic destinations
No permission is needed to fly over Mauretia or to Iola's international airport to your destinations, as long as it connects directly to your home country. The flag carrier for Mauretia is Peyan.
Commerce and trade
A few of Mauretia's businesses have spread abroad, although some are welcome to be found in western Uletha or northern Tarephia. Please contact me if you wish to collaborate on having a location in your country.
Cultural facilities
Mauretia sponsors the International Center for Mauroi Culture. I welcome your desire to build a facility in your country. Simply let me know. If you wish to build it yourself, please permit me to do some basic aesthetic work like naming businesses inside the building or adding trees around it. Please be sure that our countries have exchange diplomatic relations first.
I welcome the potential to exchange embassies between your country and Mauretia. Please contact me, and we can figure out how to proceed if that level of diplomatic relations seems appropriate for our countries. If you wish to design your own in Iola, I'll set aside some plots for you to build on. If you draw one in your territory, I will ask to do some aesthetic work to the lot such as trees, gardens, etc., if permissible.
Language usage abroad
Usage of Maurit abroad is welcome! This includes names of people, institutions, inscriptions, or other text. Please contact me for a translation of what you would like to say, and so I can keep track of where it is. Maurit is a
Military alliance and operations
Mauretia is officially neutral and has been since 1873. If working on a project and want Mauretia's involvement, please contact me to collaborate. Please keep in mind that since 1873, Mauretia might be officially neutral but can be persuaded to have non-belligerence biases in favor of its friends. It may have been a combatant before 1873.
The Mauroi Church is an independent branch of the Christic faith, whose policy is "separate but cooperative" with other Christic denominations. Its elements necessary for mapping are designed to be uniquely Mauro. If you contact me, I'll let you know the simple parameters, such as important saints, building styles, imagery, and the like. If you wish to use the Mauro pagan religion (Oziyefian) in your mapping, please contact me first.
Shipping lines and ferries
The ports of Iola, Iqosa, and Salda are sketched out and ferry lines to nearby cities along the Uthyran coast. No shipping lines should be mapped at this stage per site policy.
Mauroi athletes and sports teams are free for you to use. Simply let me know, as this is still a work in progress. If you are a nearby neighbor and wish to collaborate on a sports league or international friendlies, please send me a message. I'd love to do explore that!