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What is Opengeofiction and how can I participate?

Opengeofiction is a collaborative platform for the creation of fictional maps.

Opengeofiction is based on the Openstreetmap software platform. This implies that all map editors and other tools suitable for Openstreetmap can be applied to Opengeofiction as well.

The fictional world of Opengeofiction is thought to be in modern times. So it doesn't have orcs or elves, but rather power plants, motorways and housing projects. But also picturesque old towns, beautiful national parks and lonely beaches.

There are several alternatives for participation:

  1. Make your edits in one of the areas marked blue on the overview map at the bottom of this page. Those regions are free for editing by any user. On this continent it is e.g. perfectly fine to work on cities started by other users, even if the city's characteristics are changed thereby. Please note however, that acts of vandalism are still forbidden.
  2. You might choose a free area (green) from the overview map. You'll then become the "owner" of that area and are solely responsible for its design and implementation. However, you are expected to cooperate with your fellow mappers/artists in preserving the overall consistency of large-scale geographic features that might extend the boundaries of your own area. Especially, you should work closely together with the owners of adjacent areas when designing border regions.
    Please note however, that this option is not available immediately after signup. Because we had too many users that signed up, made one or two edits and then were never seen again, we now require that you wait at least one week and make a reasonable number of edits in one of the blue areas before you apply for your own territory.
  3. You want to collaborate on an already existing country? There are several special community territories, marked purple on the overview map. These are territories whose owners have decided to open up their country for collaboration by others (for further information, see also here and the full list of collaborative projects). In this case, please contact its owner via the "send message" link on the user's profile page http://opengeofiction.net/user/USERNAME.

Once you have chosen one of these alternatives, create a user account at http://opengeofiction.net/user/new. After you verified your identity by following the link contained in the confirmation email message, you can start mapping right away.

If you encounter any problems or have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us by sending a message to the admin team or by email to info@opengeofiction.net See also our FAQ page for a list of (hopefully) useful hints to get you started.

Terms and conditions

By participating in Opengeofiction you agree to release your contributions under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0). Of course you are free to choose a more permissive CC license as well.

We won't take any responsibility for the backup of the data created by your edits. Snapshots of the data set are created at regular intervals and can be downloaded from http://opengeofiction.net/backup. Please do this frequently!

We reserve the right to revert your edits and, in extreme cases, to terminate your account, if you

  • commit an act of vandalism. As such we'll consider any edits in areas of a different owner without prior consultation.
  • misuse Opengeofiction to display political, religious, obscene or personally insulting messages of any kind. This would also apply to e.g. naming a street after a certain german dictator. Of course it's OK to devise your country as a totalitarian dictatorship or a fanatical theocracy, but please invent the underlying ideology yourself.
  • violate the copyright of a third party.
  • don't make any edits over a prolonged period of time and we have to assume your interest in participation has waned. Of course in this case we'll try to contact you first.

And finally...

Opengeofiction is an experiment, of which we don't know if it will work in the long run.

We believe that the most important factor for success of this project will be the readiness of all participants for cooperation wherever that's necessary.

Also, keep in mind that we still regard Opengeofiction as a private homepage rather than a public service. Which means that ultimately we (the admin team) will have the final say about everything. But we really hope to never have to use that power.

Overview map

Click here for a full-size view of the overview map:

Overview map thumbnail.png

Key to map colors:

free territory that you may claim
territory owned by Opengeofiction member
community territory
free for editing by any user
marked for withdrawal
reserved area