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Mapper of Arténie(Arténie drapeau.png Artenia) island country, a semi-tropical island in northern Antarephia, near the Lyc Strait.

Mapping in progress.

Brief history of Arténie

Arténie (Ingerish: Artenia; Akojomã: Arténi) was founded initially by native indigenous tribes (looking like RW West-African people, in particular RW Akan people). It was called Akodjoman (phonetic: akod͡ʒomã) pre-1100, before Franquese colonization.

Name of the country changed to Arténie, in honor of the founder of that colony who was Théodore Artène.

The Artenian society changed, from being a feodal, tribalistic and agricultural one to a modern and industrial one. Infrastructures were limited pre-1700, after that there was a huge boost and that changed the entire country forever: cities like Torvilliers and Bergate-Ville were new additions to the country whereas other ones like Arténie-Ville the capital city and Bréville were expanding way, way further from their core center. The Rochville island development was boosted later on, and Artenians at that time (near 1940-1950) had the idea of tourism development for the entire country.



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