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There are things (not exactly "rules") to think about if you wish to own a territoy in Tarephia.

Tarephia is something like Latin America, and can include something from real Africa. More exactly, Maghreb - and soon you will know more about it, a collab is almost open to other users thinking about it. But the major inspiration is Latin America. What does it means? Lets go:

  • Latin languages and local ones (not necessarily inspired in real indigenous american languages) are welcome. Languages from other branches (german, russian, oriental ones) are not prohibited, but please, avoid using them. English (ingerish) is nice to be the main language in some countries, but please, do not use it so largely - in some point, it would need an explanation about that global ingerish empire, and it is not reallistic.
  • No superpowers. Have in mind, Tarephia is not the poorest place in OGF, but also is not one of the richest ones.
  • Mapping style: please, avoid USA-style. When mentioning USA-style, it is not only rectangular street grid (can be found in Brasil and Argentina too, it is not the main problem), it is also a lot of motorways, trunk roads, airports everywhere, things like these...
  • To me the main point: FOCUS IN MAPPING. I know, History is an important thing, but several times I see users creating very detailed articles, talking about international aliances, explaining time periods, but what about the mapping? So good like the articles? All of us needs to think about it.
  • Also about history, I think this reply other questions: A detailed history written can turn to trash if some country owner is no more in OGF, and also about territories still available - we can not say how need to be the history of countries.
  • When looking for a territory in Tarephia, please, take a look around, and imagine if your concept of a territory will fit well with the neighbor territories - mainly, about languages, culture, etc

(more soon)


This article part is for managing territories in Tarephia. Applications will be listed here, along with current status. All applications must be made following the procedure at OGF:Admin regions.

Date User Request Status Notes
2019-02-22 Sude TA113d Emb-green.pngApproved
  • Approved the plans of the new country (Ajenjo).
2019-02-22 infinatious TA011 Emb-green.pngApproved
  • Approved the plans of the new country.
  • Historical approach fit well to neighbor countryes.
2019-02-22 Jesus Antonio TA009 Emb-red.pngRejected
  • Collaborative projects like this are still on hold.
2019-02-22 King Albert IV TA014 Emb-red.pngRejected
  • Please, improve a little more your mapping skills.
2019-02-23 JoJoBa TA014 Emb-green.pngApproved
  • No problems about history and edits.
  • Approved the plans of Zhantes country.
2019-02-23 Drogda TA330 Emb-red.pngRejected
  • Please, improve a little more your mapping skills.
2019-02-25 Kazuya TA008a Emb-green.pngApproved
  • Approved the plans about a different culture and maps.
2019-02-25 Es11 TA008a Emb-red.pngRejected
  • User never edited in OGF. There are not any reasons to own a territory.
2019-02-28 Lyriax TA100 Emb-green.pngApproved
  • Approved the plans
2019-03-02 Newton TA330 Emb-yellow.pngIn Process
  • Waiting to read plans and reply about climate questions
2019-03-04 lars TA119 Emb-red.pngRejected(??)
  • Not necessarily Rejected
  • User is now looking for a territory in other continent.
2019-02-25 AquaWolf9461 TA014a Emb-red.pngRejected
  • User never edited in OGF. There are not any reasons to own a territory.
2019-03-15 Multidavid2001b TA013 Emb-red.pngRejected
  • Very good ideas, but last edits was 6 months ago.
  • Please, create something like you say you will do, and come back requesting later.
2019-03-19 hrm TA330 Emb-red.pngRejected
  • Only 3 edits in more than one year by this user.
2019-03-24 louis_walker TA027 Emb-green.pngApproved
  • User with a good history of edits.
  • Very good plans described.
2019-03-24 oscar2002 TA025 Emb-green.pngApproved
  • Waiting withdrawal definition period to previous user.
  • Still talking about the ideas here.
  • Approved in 2019-04-19
2019-03-24 dsilcott TA113b Emb-green.pngApproved
  • The plans fit well in this territory.
2019-03-31 Zhenkang TA014a Emb-green.pngApproved
  • Neighborhood do not see problem about an Antigoan territory in TA014a. So, it is OK.
2019-03-31 Drogda TA330 Emb-green.pngApproved
  • Tips to a reallistic mapping in this small territory: no railways, no motorways
2019-04-03 Axis TA101 Emb-red.pngRejected
  • Only few edits, and in not allowed territories.
2019-04-07 Otavva TA026c Emb-red.pngRejected
  • Zero edits, joining OGF only 1 hour ago...
  • Please, edit in blue countries before asking for a territory
2019-04-09 Fifafo TA091b Emb-green.pngApproved
  • Please, improve a little more your mapping skills
  • Approved 2019-04-18
2019-04-15 wolfiefrick TA335 Emb-green.pngApproved
  • Changed initial plans to TA335. Approved!
2019-04-18 GFC TA013 Emb-red.pngRejected
  • Few edits recently.
  • Asking for a territory marked to Advanced Users only.
2019-04-22 chazeltine TA113c Emb-green.pngApproved
  • Experienced mapper; nice ideas to tropical islands.
2019-05-11 DNN TA103 Emb-red.pngRejected
  • Not enough edits to ask for a territory;
  • TA103 is open to request only by Advanced Users;

Marked for Withdrawal

Deadline User Territory Notes
2019-04-10 realmapper123 TA097
2019-04-10 Dasher2004 TA008c
2019-04-10 martinum4 TA010a
2019-04-10 TEG24601 TA006
2019-04-10 Motpaqh TA019
2019-04-10 Lincoln Kuyper TA114a
2019-04-10 Hmaps5678 TA109a
  • Replied. Confirmed he is out.
2019-04-10 Ping Pong TA114h
  • Replied. Confirmed he is out.
2019-04-10 oicram TA334
  • Replied 2019-03-11, still active.
2019-04-10 Acolix TA331
  • Replied 2019-03-27, still active.
2019-04-10 Szymon TA025
2019-04-10 IanMP14 TA017
2019-04-10 mccaul TA105
2019-04-10 jacksonthepilot TA335
2019-04-14 GEOMaps TA114f
  • Replied 2019-03-11, still active.