Administrative divisions of Zakahigan

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Capital city, Plainsburgh

Plainsburgh, officially the City of Plainsburgh, is the capital city of Zakahigan

Population 225,000
Land Area 51.5 sq mi
Density 4,369 p/sm

Neighborhoods and Wards

Plainsburgh is divided into wards, and each ward contains multiple neighborhoods.

  • Downtown
  • Levy
  • Friar
  • North Winslet
  • Fifth Virtue
  • Jacobs East Brickmore
  • Fourth Parallel
  • Commonia Park
  • Arithmetic Acres - an experimental residential community
  • University Banks - a dense neighborhood home to Zakahigan State University
  • Capitol Park - home to Zakahigan's capitol complex and offices
  • Stadium District
  • Mint-Cathedral - home to the city's main cathedral and a former federal mint
  • Whiskey Park
  • Svenska Park - residential area home to a mainly "Swedish" community
  • Larsson Park
  • RINE - short for "River North of Elmo," this neighborhood welcomes a diverse community near the Lynwood Downs horseracing park.
  • Bassett East Elmo
  • Cherry Phoenix
  • Claudia Park
  • Gardengrid - this fraternity-rich neighborhood stands out due to its unusual orientation in the city's grid