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Zwíe Älvidske Idgenis / Dvie Nafederalisnid Aliudin

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Official languagesAlvedic, Techerian

Älved (ing. Alved, tec. Aliud), officially the Second Alvedic Confederacy, is a country in East Uletha. It shares a border with Brevinfeld, Vyzdland, Boscunis, Neberly, Kåra, and Keira.

Its population is around 6.5 million.

Älved has 2 distinct zones: the west speaks Älvedic (Gaermanic language) whereas the east speaks Techerian (Uletarephian isolate family of languages also spoken in Boscunis).

The first settlers of the area were the Techerians, an east Uletarephian ethnic group, and they were under the influence of the Peritan Catholic Church. A few semi-nomadic Vyzdians roamed around the territory too. The city of Mist is one of the oldest Techerian city. During the middle ages, Mergan settlers started to colonize the outback of the Älvi valley and developed a distinct culture and religious group (which is now a minority religion, mostly present in Aldland). Styra was the old capital of the settlers, whereas Mist was the Techerian capital. The city of Adventikum, located in an easier spot to cross the Älvi, developed as a commercial hub.

The territory was then part of the Keiran Empire [description to do].

After the fall of the Keiran Empire, Älved became an independent confederacy including the current Älvedic territory, Brevinfeld, Vyzdland and Boscunis. At that point, there were tentatives of de-Keiranisation, the country adopted right-side driving, turned more towards other neighbors Neberly, Mergany or Glaster. Älvedic and Ingerish became the lingua franca.

After an important oil crisis which paralyzed parts of the country, the confederacy was overthrown and the country became the Älvedic Union, a more authoritarian Älvedic nationalist government. Internal troubles intensified, and a conflict broke out with the Luinese minority, which was at that time split between Älved (Delta and Arpitinia provinces) and the Luiana Protectorate, semi-independent. The Luinese, pro-confederacy, were greatly impoverished due to the series of conflicts. Also conflicts arose with the Vyzdian semi-nomads asking for freedom of cult or even Vyzdian independence. The Älvedic Union ended up with the secession of independent Brevinia and Boscunis. The southern, underdeveloped part of Vyzdia-Paradisem was given independance as an ethnic Vyzdian territory. The Second Älvedic Confederacy was then proclaimed on its remaining territory, in its current shape. The semi-independent Luiana Protectorate was fully integrated to the confederacy as the Pyrnius and Luin provinces. The country is slowly recovering from its past crisis since then, though not performing as well as Boscunis or Brevinfeld.

The Älved Peacekeeping Forces are a large part of the country's military forces. They are mostly present in Vyzdland and neighboring areas.