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The Bai Empire is always open to international collaboration. This page is editable as you fill in any information, but it's often advised to contact the coordinator (zhenkang). They'll be happy to hear from you.

Summary table

International cooperation
Air traffic destinations
No permission is needed to fly over the Bai Empire or to any of the international airports to your destinations, as long as it connects directly to your home country. The flag carrier for Bai is BAir, with other private carriers available.
Commerce and trade
Plenty of Bai's businesses have spread abroad, although some are welcome to be found in eastern Uletha or northern Archanta. Please check Collab:Bai Empire/Commercial Businesses for details. For any further queries, contact the coordinator.
Cultural facilities
Bai sponsors the International Organisation for Overseas Bai Culture. If you would like to build a facility in your country, let me know. If you wish to build it yourself, please permit me to do some basic aesthetic work like naming businesses inside the building. Please be sure that our countries have exchanged diplomatic relations first.
Baiyu language usage abroad
Usage of Baiyu and Bai names abroad is welcome. This includes names of people, institutions, inscriptions, or other text. Please contact me for a translation of what you would like to say, and so I can keep track of where it is.
Military alliance and operations
The Bai Empire might exert regional influence through military pacts to counter Federal States influence in the region. The Bai Empire welcomes military cooperation with other nations.
Bai athletes and sports teams are free for you to use (you can create them for me if you want!). If you are a nearby neighbor and wish to collaborate on a sports league or international friendlies, please send me a message. I'd love to do explore that!

History and cultural coordination

For those in the region, please check Forum:Global and regional issues/History of Northern Archanta.

The Bai Empire is intended to be a former colonial power during the Suo Dynasty (1327-1550). You are welcome to discuss whether your territory (or part of it) could have contact with Suo merchants and/or explorers. Bai claimed it made the first circumnavigation journey; though that remained contested.

Embassies exchange

The Bai Empire is generally open to foreign relations, particularly with monarchies around the world. Embassies are hosted in the capital of Xiongjing, specifically in the government quarter. Consulates may also be in other major cities. The Bai Empire is a member of the Assembly of Nations and other international organisations.

Building their embassy in your country Building your embassy in their country
yellow While the Bai Empire is welcome to establish relations, at this stage, Bai is rather new and it is not ready to do so. Send me a message and we can sort things out. red Xiongjing remains under construction and it is unadvisable to set up embassies in the capital. If you like to, however, feel free to send me a message. Other major cities might also be open for consulates depending on relations.

Once embassies are exchanged, feel free to update the following table.

Country Embassy in the Bai Empire Bai Embassy in the country Notes
Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Huntington-CD

Bai Quarter

You are welcome to establish overseas Bai neighbourhoods and streets around the world. However, depending on our relations and history, the size may vary, from a single street to entire city quarters.

I am not too fuzzy about the naming. Personally, I would prefer them to be called Bai Quarter (百人街). Understandably, however, that perhaps a few would prefer the district to encompass the Fu people (of Bai, Cinasia, Kaosha, Huaxia), and thus Fu Quarter (福人街) is acceptable. For generic Oriental neighbourhoods, you can name them "Pan-Ardentic". It's also possible to name the district after a prominent Bai person.

Feel free to link your Bai Quarters below:

Country, place(s) and mapper(s) Map

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Significant people to name after

Economic relations

Please check Collab:Bai Empire/Commercial Businesses for details.