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Circle-icons-flag.svg "Mappers mapping with mappers," a featured collaboration project

"Mappers mapping with mappers" is a monthly community effort to help out in a featured collaborative territory. There are dozens of collaborative territories on OpenGeofiction, which offers a variety of themes, styles, and types of mapping. A featured collaborative gives users the chance to try out different themes and styles, use their skills with certain types of mapping, and help our many collaborative projects continue to move forward. Although mappers are not required to stick with the project beyond the featured window, you may find your participation particularly enjoyable and continue on!

Current project

The current project is Plevia, and its coordinator is Izaland Terramorphing Committee. Here are some of the projects he has slated for the month of November:

  • Progressing on the Natural Mapping: Especially in the northern cold desert area, more improvements are planned. There should be a more realistic transition between the biomes, and settlements in the area need to have the characteristics of desert villages with an Italian style.
  • Administrative divisions and symbology: The regions of Plevia are more or less defined, but some of them still have to be named and others have only a tentative name that needs changed. There is a need for about ten regional flags to be considered.
  • Two major cities: Osianopoli (the capital) and Temisa (second largest city) already have a certain degree of presence on the map, but there is so much more urban mapping to be done. Osianopoli is inspired by Rome and Naples but with an economy like Milan. Temisa should recall Genoa and Istanbul with regards to geography.
  • Micromapping: The project is especially looking for people who enjoy mapping details. Since Plevia is an Italian theme, European style historical centers, archeological sites, churches, and castles are welcome.
  • Infrastructure: A comprehensive network of motorways will link all the major cities, and there is a lot of work to do here. A major density of motorways is expected along the coast and in the fertile lowlands around Osianopoli and in the west, near Temisa's Bay. Some cities need an improved port (Covenza, Civitelle and Gerta). There also needs to be a good inventory and classification of the main airports already built, and if necessary, the construction of new ones.
  • Franchises: Since many cities are already established, we need ideas for Plevian franchises, chains, and other shops, and restaurants located throughout the country. However, like Italy, privately owned shops and restaurants will still be the majority.

Additional projects will be added, if things progress well through these tasks.

Information for collab coordinators

If you are collaborative coordinator, you can nominate your project to be a featured project. You must provide a brief statement about what the theme is and offer up options for a variety of work. What you choose to list as potential projects should include natural mapping, smaller towns, some urban mapping, and the ability to do micromapping. How much of these things you choose is up to you. The more diverse pool of opportunities will garner more involvement from the community. Your plan is up to you, consider giving flexibility you give mappers and being open to ideas others may have about projects that could be added during the month. How many would want to be involved may change based on interests, so do not be shy about what you would like to see done in the territory. It is asked that all coordinators map in the collaborative territory at least once during the featured window.

To apply, send a message to Alessa via OGF messaging with an overview of the plan (not all details need to be worked out) and a short sentence describing the theme of the collab to the broader audience. Please note: only open collaboratives are allowed as featured projects, and preference is given to community-owned projects instead of privately-owned projects.

Information for mappers that want to get involved

Every month will have a new collab for you to try out, even if as a one-off. There will be many different projects that are possible, so do not be shy about getting involved. There are many fun ways to participate in the collaborative projects. Part of the goal is "mappers mapping with mappers," so work together on tasks, host a Discord video stream where people talk about the project, partner with friends to accomplish a detailed area, or even message the coordinator with new ideas.

To get involved, sign up below. If you are interested in becoming a regular editor or helping to coordinate fun "MMWM" group projects, please indicate it below.

The "Mappers Mapping with Mappers" Team

(Sign up here to be a regular team member! No obligation is required other than participating periodically in the featured collabs.)