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Counties in Alormen

Name County Seat Population Note Ownership Relation ID AL Code

Akoya County St Johns 162157 urban/suburban, large collaborative 135334 C010
Mahpe County Mahpe 977170 City of Mahpe collaborative 135335 C011
Prior County Prior 433245 coastal, urban/suburban, contains highway and rail, islands collaborative 135470 W010
Villasana County San Pascual 994586 City of San Pascual collaborative 135471 W009
St Carro County Ruben Pass 243566 landlocked, rural, large lake available 135472 W008
Two Valleys County x 8435 landlocked, rural available 135473 W007
Klamesta County x 3799 landlocked, rural, mountains Zytik 135474 W006
Hayak County Bonetaville 10577 landlocked, rural, mountains available 135475 W005
Sabio County Gavron 35318 landlocked, rural available 135476 W004
Pohone County Puerto Eloisa 211208 City of Puerto Eloisa collaborative 135477 W003
Crystal River County Alta 9069 landlocked, rural, mountains available 135478 W002
Cabrera County Vespersson 19537 coastal, rural available 135479 W001
West-20 x 2606 xx available 135482 W020
Royal County Alamar 290897 City of Alamar collaborative 135483 W019
Ceballos County Kieber 188373 x available 135484 W018
Jane County Limones 79249 x available 135485 W017
West-16 x 94494 landlocked, rural, mountains available 135486 W016
Cornflower County x 23740 landlocked, rural, mountains Zytik 135487 W015
South Ismikk County Ayden 4555 landlocked, rural, mountains available 135488 W014
Ancares County Gaillard 114053 coastal, rural available 135489 W013
Marin County Medina City 12118 coastal, urban, large town available 135490 W012
Serrano County Carmel 125120 coastal, rural, island available 135491 W011
Menuka County Dyce 2048 xx available 135492 W027
Slate County Rynhart 23779 xx available 135493 W026
West-25 x 62027 xx available 135494 W025
Nakohe County x 66263 xx elindio23 135495 W024
Alba County Manakatu 114490 xx available 135496 W023
Annestas County Earles 82471 xx available 135497 W022
Quinlan County Trinity 20771 xx available 135498 W021
Freire County Hawley 175037 estuary, urban/suburban, wetlands available 135518 C009
Lavine County Somalac 99353 estuary, urban/suburban, wetlands available 135519 C008
Reeve County Celeste 67936 estuary, rural, wetlands available 135520 C007
Preminger County Bayview 64546 coastal, urban/suburban, contains large lake available 135521 C006
Emerson County Reedtown 43688 coastal, rural, lowland available 135522 C005
Tobin County St. Clare 34485 estuary, rural, wetlands available 135523 C004
Lecuona County Meekatap 51421 estuary, rural, wetlands, small available 135524 C003
Macey County North Point 79462 estuary, rural, wetlands, islands, protected areas available 135525 C002
April County Beltran 60153 coastal, rural, wetlands, islands, protected areas available 135526 C001
Londez County Partstone 93954 landlocked, rural, highway and rail available 135566 C017
Union County Fort Sinclair 1352333 City of Fort Sinclair collaborative 135567 C016
Osman County Morren 175628 urban/suburban, small, river runs through it available 135568 C015
McPherson County Whiterock 42435 landlocked, rural, source of three river available 135569 C014
Anawuhak County Colley City 91819 landlocked, rural, highway and rail available 135570 C013
Cash County Dubois Lake 77885 landlocked, rural, part of Alormen River, highway and rail available 135571 C012
Marcell County Cedar City 124656 urban/suburban, large, Lake Oirne available 135572 C043
Tennant County Longstone 430744 City of Longstone collaborative 135573 C042
Paulson County Keseyville 114775 urban/suburban, large available 135574 C041
Graves County Penavega 71460 rural, large, upper Lago Monotrico available 135575 C040
Lago County Monotrico City 45493 rural, large, lower Lago Monotrico available 135576 C039
Kaset County Asha 45654 landlocked, rural available 135577 C038
Bosco County Stanley 31604 landlocked, rural available 135578 C037
Penavega County Morrison 7257 landlocked, rural, parts of Upper Monotrico River available 135579 C036
Tahlate County Darrell 3201 landlocked, rural available 135580 C035
Ferguson County Bennett 105830 landlocked, rural, contains parts pf Upper Monotrico River, state border available 135581 C034
Coninisee County Nacton 10970 landlocked, rural, contains source of Upper Monotrico River, state border available 135582 C033
Craft County Blackhills 4555 landlocked, rural, source of large river, state border available 135583 C032
Colinas County Maskette 5687 landlocked, rural available 135584 C031
Beeman County Colony 1223 landlocked, rural, state border available 135585 C030
Godwin County Curtis 52998 landlocked, rural available 135586 C029
Eastland County Bluebonnet 88054 landlocked, rural available 135587 C028
Smith County Varner 28116 landlocked, rural available 135588 C027
Fleming County Buford 95036 landlocked, rural, part of Alormen River, highway and rail available 135589 C026
Watson County Carrington 44004 landlocked, rural, small, part of Alormen River, highway and rail available 135590 C025
Coyle County Poppyhill 15263 landlocked, rural, small, part of Alormen River, highway and rail available 135591 C024
Arosee County Akeewacoat 94499 landlocked, rural available 135592 C023
Merriam County Merriam 75845 landlocked, rural, small, two rivers meet, highway and rail, previously owned by Lithium - given up 8th June 2020 available 135593 C022
Brick County Saberhagen 6955 landlocked, rural, source of two rivers available 135594 C021
Astorino County Hasse 109575 urban/suburban, small, source of river available 135595 C020
Zapata County Fort Benedict 52701 landlocked, rural, large river runs through it available 135596 C019
Axell County Ines 109679 urban/suburban, small, source of river available 135597 C018
Oleander County Scarlett 30460 rural, square, southern border available 135611 E004
Penny County Jonesboro 39372 rural, square, southern border available 135612 E003
Gillman County Mayfield 58050 suburban, square, southern border available 135613 E002
Shawcross County Shawcross 318547 City of Shawcross collaborative 135614 E001
Lucas County Lennoxvale 41363 rural, along Alormen river, large highway junction available 135637 E007
Tange County Camara 47099 rural, square, southern border available 135638 E006
Bakken County Acer City 23642 rural, square, southern border available 135639 E005
Meekanoc County Quintal 8588 rural, along Alormen river available 135727 E018
McQuillan County Lear 6487 rural, square available 135728 E017
Falls County Bearwood 7235 rural, square available 135729 E016
Metaxis County Saddle 9977 rural, square available 135730 E015
Cross County Yellow River 50439 rural, square, Randalia border RobertTBS 135731 E014
Nimbus County Bennetsville 32190 rural, along Alormen river available 135732 E013
Johns County Dolce Cross 28013 rural, square available 135733 E012
Sherrard County Jasper 26005 rural, square available 135734 E011
Seawright County Gunn 36749 rural, square available 135735 E010
Janfer County Palmerstown 8852 rural, square, contains large lake available 135736 E009
Glass County Siwa 12325 rural, square, Randalia border available 135737 E008
Dalton County Jaffa 9231 rural, square available 135748 E025
Emmett County Massey 4249 rural, square available 135749 E024
Taurasi County Paka Valley 1036 rural, Randalia border available 135750 E023
Ouellette County Tobashee Flats 11925 rural, along Alormen river available 135751 E022
Solaun County Dove City 42695 rural, square available 135752 E021
Monteagudo County Panas 24178 rural, square available 135753 E020
Fiera County Velton 1666 rural, Randalia border available 135754 E019
Hamnett County Redstone 146013 urban/suburban, small available 135757 E028
Sahar County Hannastown 67936 rural, along Alormen river available 135758 E027
Lomax County Temple 69925 landlocked, rural, small available 135759 E037
Barre County Gia 11578 rural available 135760 E036
Marta County Casey 13187 rural, square available 135761 E026
Clifton County Nashburg 7028 landlocked, rural, large area, Randalia border Y Knott 135762 E029
Shenstone County Kappa 34247 urban/suburban, square available 135763 E032
Sloan County Ellis 2606 landlocked, rural available 135764 E030
McCrimmon County Dewar 1035002 City of Dewar collaborative 135765 E031
Novosel County Paso Andrea 131308 coastal, urban/suburban, contains highway and rail available 135766 E040
Salamander County Salamander 165607 landlocked, urban, small available 135767 E039
Stoker County Newmills 16910 semi-rural, small coastline available 135768 E038
Lauren County Andreapolis 0000 xxxx collaborative 135769 E035
Valentine County Courtney Hill 99523 urban/suburban, small available 135770 E034
Ballard County Ostle 103979 urban/suburban, small available 135771 E033
Graytok County Marbouty 6823 coastal, rural, rail terminal available 135930 E044
Garrett County Pearse Island 8852 small coast/mostly landlocked, urban, contains highway and rail available 135931 E043
Sovereign County Eliotsville 17497 landlocked, rural available 135932 E042
Toskanee County Conselice 4109 landlocked, rural, large area, many rivers, named after native tribal group available 135933 E041
Rocna County McGuiness 3439 East, rural hill country, Randalia border available 135936 E058
Darbonne County Coates 17775 Randalia border crossing available 135937 E059
Pashaw County Hansonsville 20648 motorway access, coastal, agriculture, tourism available 135938 E057
Gloria County Gloria 21704 seaside resorts available 135939 E056
Swift County Union Bridge 12627 seaside resorts available 135940 E055
Stallion County Vand 25449 seaside resorts available 135941 E054
Faures County Jury Bay 10245 seaside resorts, rural, wetlands ruadh 135942 E053
Rushe County Coldrey 44017 landlocked, rural ruadh 135943 E052
Cayooga County Coyne 18794 coastal, rural, wetlands, islands, protected areas ruadh 135944 E051
Inkana County Bellefontaine 45715 coastal, rural, protected wetlands ruadh 135945 E050
Tourey County Polaire 60739 coastal, rural, protected wetlands available 135946 E049
Bird County Mikke's Cross 16368 coastal, suburban available 135947 E048
Mariana County Port Massehanee 387181 City of Port Massehanee collaborative 135948 E047
Ionescu County Cottonville 107476 coastal, urban/suburban, contains highway and rail available 135949 E046
LeSueur County Green Lake 5134 landlocked, rural, contains rail available 135950 E045

FS-60 Routing

Hello. We're having a bit of a motorway routing problem down in West Massodeya. (Not where the actual motorways are, just the numbers.) Would you, the coordinators, rather have FS-60 run from Shawcross to Longstone, run along FS-161, and then take FS-61 in a concurrency down to Tejoma? Or, would you rather have FS-60 run from Shawcross to FS-55, have the motorway segment from FS-55 to Longstone be a different numbered motorway (maybe FS-160) and have FS-60 take FS-55 into West Massodeya? I would very much prefer the former. This is, assuming, FS-60 takes the motorway labeled 7 on the map. --Yoyo21 (talk) 19:52, 7 September 2019 (CEST)

Hi there, sorry, just noticing this. I have no strong feelings as regards the numbering, go with your preferred option. Ruadh (talk) 01:02, 11 September 2019 (CEST)

Short history

For the eastern states of the FSA the years around 1600 are in focus as first settlement. Why first the eastern states as ingerish colonies (and not Alormen?)? In the nearer western part already the castellanes colonies was established. If you set 1630 as start of castellanes colonies, why then the ingerisch ships schould sail a great bow around Archanta and settle in New Carnaby, Penquisset, Culpepper, Oakhill and around? Then it was easyer, self to set the feet in Alormen. No - the ingerisch did this not only for one reason: The castellanes were the first at the place and the ingerisch are not interested at a war.

Therefore it is important, to coordinate this colonisizing moves. The Castellan colony in the west must founded earlyer as the ingerish in the east of the FSA. If you take in mind, that the castellanes founded Latina 1488, then - let us say - 1540 or 1550 is a good time for founding castellanes colonies in Alormen and the near area. Please think over this for a logical historic timeline. --Histor (talk) 01:28, 2 June 2020 (CEST)

Thanks histor, point taken, let's move the Castellanese involvement in the territory back to the mid-1500s. Any thoughts then on the Ingerish arrival on the north coast? Ruadh (talk) 08:47, 2 June 2020 (CEST)