Economy of Eshein

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Eshen Colen

Eshen Colen () (ISO code: ESC) ['ɛʃɛn kɔːlən] is the official and the only currency used in Eshein. It is unclear whether the name "Colen" comes from the Ingerish word "Colony") or from a shortage the previous name of Eshein, "New Colsex". The Eshen people started calling it Colen as slang, which eventually became the official name of the Eshen currency after the War .

The Colen is devided into 100 Zents and as of 1980 the the royal bank of Eshein prints banknotes of 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€ and 100€ and mints coins of 0.1€, 0.2€, 0.5€, 1€.


Value Value in USD Main color Front Back Year of issue
1 2.36 $ Silver [[File:|400px]]
Thomas Williams and the battle of south Eym
5 11.8 $ Green [[File:|410px]]
Richard Yur and the battle of Autumnbound
10 23.6 $ Yellow [[File:|420px]]
Angela Halensk and Blaovær Palace, New Tyrrin
20 47.2 $ Red [[File:|430px]]
Emilie Nuehaus and Coat of arms of Eshein
50 118 $ Blue [[File:|440px]]
Thomas Kluckghongen,the Eshen contitution and the Folkhergen, New Tyrrin
100 236 $ Purple [[File:|450px]]
Margaret Arkson, the Eshen flag, "The Second Crowner", and Arkson Museum, Northriver