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AR001 - Tanay (the territory’s current name, which suits me fine :) )

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The country being really small, the geography will not be too complex, and in fact I plan on keeping the existing mountains as the main geographical features. From what little I know of planetology, the main winds in the area should come from the S.E., and a cold current can be expected to run along the west coast. That would mean that the N.W. part of the territory would be drier and that fish would be abundant there. The capital city (which would probably be the only city, and not a big one at that) would probably stay where it currently is (there’s a name there, but no actual mapping), as this part of the country seems like it should be less dry, still close to fish resources, and close to the only big expanse of mostly flat land for farming.

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Basically like Lorotoban, or maybe very slightly richer. Due to the climate, the mapping style would probably be comparable to Timor or Lorotoban in terms of geographical features, as well as other natural factors such as what crops are grown, etc., etc. As for architecture, I don’t know Indonesian architecture too well yet, and I don’t want to make Lorotoban II anyway, so it would probably mix Indonesian influences with African ones, etc., in a kind of con-culture.

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My goal with this territory is to think about sustainable infrastructure in developing countries (small-scale power grids, etc.), so I want to make the government of Tanay very willing to pull their country out of poverty that way. Such projects have often required, it seems, both a great involvement of the locals, and the presence of western NGOs, etc. in the field. And, as it happens, I enjoy and am more experienced in Ulethan-style or colonial mapping, and I want to think about local, indigenous, out of the ordinary political systems. The way to combine these two contradictory things in a territory that makes sense would be to have still most power never having left the hands of a traditional monarchy of some kind, but with a past colonisation, where colonists would basically have built a city and some infrastructure to get a few scraps out of this resource-poor backwater, but mostly left it to self-govern. As for language, still unsure, but I tend to add it on the map quite late after building the infrastructure anyway. My territory takes enough of its inspiration from Lorotoban or Timor that Indonesian would make sense, but Lorotoban does it already, so I kind of can’t.

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Currently mapping in UL11i ( Of course, that one is a territory I want to keep, and if I want AR001, that’s in addition to it. I think it would work fine, since both territories are very small, but I also tend to choose my territories small because I don’t have a lot of time for OGF, so there’s your main argument if you want to deny my request :) Anyway, that’s West Ulethan-style mapping.

I also used to map in TA097b (, which was actually kind of a richer version of the territory I’m applying for, but it didn’t work as well that way, and I’m not too happy with that mapping.

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Portier (talk) 06:11, 11 September 2022 (UTC)

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Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Approved, but subject to a review in 3 months given the other territory and time concerns. Thanks/wangi (talk) 20:37, 11 September 2022 (UTC)