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AR042 - Fédération asperienne indigène (Native Asperian Federation): flag proposal (

I have split the former AR041a into AR042 and AR043 /wangi (talk) 14:18, 9 March 2022 (UTC)
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Hello. This territory request may unusual in nature; I'm not entirely sure if it is possible to request a 'portion' of an available territory. However, I will proceed with my request and look forward to the feedback and criticisms of my request. The territory will compromise of a part of southeastern AR041a, please see reference images in Imgur for the proposed size and shape of the territory's borders. The territory sits in a mountainous region of extensive mountain ranges and lofty hills. A series of major rivers flow (some from Ambrosia) and eventually lead to the Roy river (which is the river that flows out west in the Imgur picture). The main geographical aspect of this state is "Lac Grand"; a large freshwater lake that sits in the middle of a large valley. The western border follows one of the northern major rivers that eventually flows in the Roy. The climate is largely temperate, and alpine in some of the more elevated areas. The state is also somewhat drier in its more inland areas, similar to central New Zealand. The maps linked in Imgur highlight the topography and general landcover of the country. Landscape will consist mainly of meadows, alpine environments, large hills and ranges, river plains, and drier scrubland in dry areas.

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Rough population estimate: ~500 to 700 thousand people.

The territory is a predominantly Native Archantan territory that was established by the governments of Ambrosia and Lutécie. The territory has existed in some format since the formation of the Lutécian and Ambrosian colonial nations, and indigenous peoples were forced to find uncolonized land in order to maintain their independence, rather than cohabitation with Ulethan settlers. It serves as a homeland for the native peoples who previously occupied the land of Ambrosia and Lutécie. As such, there is a mixture of similar but unique indigenous groups that follow the theme of "native archantan" (native American). These different groups are more concentrated individually in different areas of the territory, which will give rise to significantly different demographics in different areas. Although economic aid and relief is provided by Lutécie and Ambrosian governments, the territory is not very economically developed and relies heavily on its agricultural, pastures, textile, and tourism industry. These industries are somewhat under-developed but are on the rise overall. The economy is intended to be "poor" but seeing overall improvement, similar to other developing nations in the real world. As such, infrastructure is limited and areas of somewhat good infrastructure are derived from Ambrosian/Lutécian support. The population is mainly concentrated around Lac Grand, which serves as a lifeline for most of the urban population (through fishing, transportation, water, farming, etc). The population is also more rural than most nations in Archanta. Other urban centers include areas along the flatter Eastern border and some areas sitting in river valleys (see Imgur map). The mapping style will be derived from Ambrosian and Lutécian urban mapping (since both countries have developed the major infrastructure). Natural mapping will follow similarly to Ambrosian mapping, with emphasis on valleys and mountain landscapes. For other types of mapping (such as rural), inspiration will be taken from undeveloped farmland, with emphasis on small farming villages and settlements.

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The territory has only recently gained independence from joint Lutécian and Ambrosian administration (previously existing as an unincorporated autonomous territory), being granted independence in 199? following a national referendum. The culture of the territory will follow a mixture of Native American groups that newflanders has incorporated into his territory ( These include the Hamiscoux people, the Rodes people, the Ascubecs, and some Balthuks peoples. Since the territory has been heavily influenced, administrated, and assisted by the Lutécian and Ambrosian governments since the respective countries' founding, the territory will also have a strong Franquese influence. Most people of the territory will be bilingual and a family of creole languages (Root in Franquese) will be present. The culture is one of the proud roots in Native Archantan culture, history, and language. Given that it is one of the few independent Native Archantan states on the continent, the territory has attracted a fair tourism industry, with attraction mainly regarding the preserved and unique indigenous culture. The name "Native Asperian Federation" refers to the historic "Asperia" region which stretches from the east coast of Lutécia to Nouvelle-Gadir in Ardencia. The term "Franquese Asperia" refers more to the dominant Franquese colonial presence in this area. "Federation" refers to the union of multiple "states" of Archantan tribes that united and formed the territory upon independence.

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Since this territory is very close to my mapping in Lutécia, I will find it very easy to adapt the same style (as I heavily reference newflanders work in Ambrosia in regards to a continuous style of natural mapping).

While this area of mountainous mapping is hardly finished, it gives an idea of my skills in layout and style of alpine mapping:

This area of Lutécia is similar to plans for the majority of the territory: small rural farming villages amidst river valleys:

This area of Washotska is much less elevated than both Lutécia and my plans for the territory but I believe demonstrates my forest cover and landcover skills:

Although the urban mapping is very irrelevant to Native Archantan style, the natural mapping shows my attention to detail: this example demonstrates the focus on rural farmland/agriculture mapping that I employ to show the less-developed agricultural sectors of the requested territory.

I understand that this request may be denied due to its unusual nature, and the fact that I own two other territories. I would just like to explain that newflanders and I have been discussing our nation's histories together quite extensively. We both have plans to form an economic union with Lutécia and Ambrosia, and are developing a strong political, colonial, and historical relationship with our two countries. I wanted to at least request part of AR041a as its existence will help to explain and physically show the demographic and historical aspects of our countries. The uniqueness of a Native Archantan country has been on my mind for a while, and I feel given the extensive presence of native Archantan culture in the FSA too, its existence can be justified. I look forward to hearing the regional admins' thoughts and feedback on my proposal.

I was also going to make a separate request to ask to extend Lutécia's borders more northward as it would make more sense regarding the formation of the new territory, but I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. I was hoping you could consider this request as I think historically and politically it makes more sense than if the current border remained (again not sure if it is possible to request "portions" of an available territory). this imgur link gives an idea of the extension, with the border of the Native Asperian Federation shown for reference.

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Arlo (talk) 06:19, 8 March 2022 (UTC)

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Approved - I like the promotion of indigenous countries. However, lets review in ~9 months to see how it is going with the other territories. I will discuss direct regarding the border. /wangi (talk) 14:18, 9 March 2022 (UTC)