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AR120-05. I'd like to name it Ponquin.

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My proposed state would have a climate that would have warm/hot summers and chilly but bearable winters. Through the center of the state is a small mountain chain Maximum elevations of about 450-500 Meters though this number will be worked on. The northern part of the chain would be lower except for right on the northern border. I may add some sort of large nature reserve in this area. The Southern area would have mines, probably coal mines similar to Pennsylvania and W. Virginia, and be much higher in elevation as it approaches the Whitestone border. This part of the chain would also have many small to medium sized lakes. Apart from that there are scattered areas of farms and forests all over the state. Most of the coast I'd use the Carolinas and Virginia for inspiration except the central area which would be more based off of coasts between New York and Maryland. (Map Provided below)

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Outside of the largest cities, my state would have a primarily white population, especially in the western half. Within the large cities though, there is a significant population of minority groups. 9.5% of the population lives below the poverty line, though most of this is within the cities. Many of the state's population are descendants of Schwaldian, and Slavonian, immigrants. The state was formerly a large producer of cotton, thread, and steel, however, like most of the region, these industries began to dissipate in the 20th century. These days the state's primary industries are pharmaceutics, healthcare, fishing, and agriculture. They also export lots of these goods to other nations through some of the many ports. Main Highways through the state are FS-1 and 11, starting from the south these two highways are merged until the capitol, from here FS-1 goes Northwest towards huntington, FS-11 goes Northeast towards AR120-04. FS-30 would begin a little to the east of the capitol area and head westward through the state heading through a major city in the south central region before headed out of the state into AR120-08. i'd also have a costal highway, state from an area somewhere north of Oleana to Rivertown, thinking upon this, I could make this FS-11 instead. Would have a couple of spurs and loops in areas as well, especially around the capitol, Rivertown, and the southwestern city. image shows map for Physical and Human Geography

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The state was originally settled in the 17th century by Ingerish settlers. During the revolutionary war, Ponquin was instrumental because of it's mass production of firearms. After the civil war some of the state's major industries began leaving the state for bigger, more attractive states. Today, the state is still home to a few of these industries but not many.

During the 1800's many Schwaldian and Slavonians immigrated to the state to work in the state's many factories, today they have a large influence on the state's culture.

Ponquin's primary language is Ingerish like most of the country however, Schwaldian is a very common second language.

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I've done a few small villages within Michisaukee... some have gone better than others.





Willimantic - This place was my first edit in Michisaukee, def needs a rename and slight layout change because it's waaayyy too similar to the real place.

Also Mapped this small airport

Also have some random little edits in a few places across the state.

Did two towns in the New User Zone as well, but it looks like some of it has gotten ruined..


I also have a few surviving edits in Wilthamshire but nothing real Notable`

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ThePhrogianOverlord (talk) 01:49, 19 March 2023 (UTC) Why is my IP here instead of my Username??

I like the application overall. The only thing to keep in mind is that some of those forests where you place mountains/hills were low-lying wetland areas. If you want to change the Cat Creek watershed to be higher elevation, go ahead, it's your territory but I don't think it would be anything considered mountainous. The highest elevation in the state will probably be along the Whitestone border, where Infrarrojo has some hills that go above 500 meters. You could probably extend that right up to the Bluegill and have some foothills just to the north. Eastern Wilthamshire seems pretty hilly as well, so that gives you room for rugged terrain.
IBallisticwolf2 also said they'd like to see FS-221 to be extended into your state to terminate at FS-1, so that's something to consider. Maybe a renumbering to FS-X01 is needed?
--Fluffr Nuttr (talk) 00:27, 20 March 2023 (UTC)

Okay, so I took these comments into consideration and modified the mountain chain along with some smaller highway. I added FS-30 into the state as well since it is on the Wiki System Map.

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Based on your application and the favorable recommendation of the Eastern Coordinator given the comments here, I'm approving this application. --TheMayor (talk) 03:11, 21 March 2023 (UTC)
Keep in mind the FSA is a large collaborative project. Consistent activity, as well as coordination and collaboration with other stateowners, are integral to the project's overall success.