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AR120-08 - Olselen

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Forests and mountains in the western part of the state with a lot of rivers and lakes and nature oriented areas. In the central region there will be a valley where the Bluegill River will flow. There will be some other rivers here and the land will be pretty flat. The eastern regional will have medium sized hills to match the geography of Ruppacke and Whitestone. To the south there will be the mountains connected to the ones in New Carnaby.

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The state will take influences from Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland and parts of West Virginia. There will be 1 city with 1 Million or so people with a metro total of 3.5 million. Half of the state's population will be concentrated in this metro area which will be located in the south. In the central area is where the capital city will be which will be a smaller city but the second largest in the state. There will be a smaller city in the north at the foothills of the mountains and there will be suburbs south of Huntington. The primary economy will be tech and innovation / education based with limited mining in the western mountains.

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The culture will be Mid Ardentic with a few central influences towards the west. Ingerish will be the primary language and Archantan will be the culture.

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Previous mapping was in the FSA, Ardencia, Formerly Hampton, and Drull

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The Torontarian 10/06/2022

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This application is to move Olselen to the territory next door to allow for more accurate mapping. If there is a challenge with the sketch I made please let me know.

-The Torontarian 10/05

Please always sign your comments using four tilde symbols, otherwise it is very hard to follow conversations. Can you expand on how much of your current mapping you would plan to move, and how you would move it practically? Thanks/wangi (talk) 15:23, 9 October 2022 (UTC)
I would like to take the Praxton Metro area, Oleana, Olselen Springs, Laketown, Olseltown, Castle Lake, and Amesbury into the new territory. Castle Lake will be around the Northwestern most point of Olselen and Olselen Springs would be a bit farther south. They will both be downsized population wise and will only have main roads and no highways running to it north of Olselen Springs. Oleana can be moved without it's coastal features and I will spend time reworking it so that it fits into a valley area. The Praxton area will be fitted as if it were in a valley as well. The Bluegill river will flow from New Carnaby through Olselen and connect to it's area in Newlynn. Praxton and Oleana will be cities along the river as it is poised to be decently wide enough to handle ship traffic (Think the St. Lawrence through Montreal/Quebec City). Amesbury will be relocated along FS-30 in the east. and Laketown and Olseltown will be located in the southwest at the foothills of the Eastern mountains. Additionally, I will coordinate with the appropriate OGF Staff to ensure a smooth transition process.-The Torontarian 10/09/2022
If needed, I can certainly help out. --Fluffr Nuttr (talk) 05:03, 10 October 2022 (UTC)
Hi! As the Eastern Coordinator, I definitely think this move will give your localities a lot more breathing room, so I'm all for it.
I promised some topography input, so here's the all-holy New Carnaby topography and hydrography map.
This took me so long to make. Contour interval of 250 meters.
Inland New Carnaby is dominated by a series of somewhat northeast-southwest ranges. Some would dissipate in your state's south. I see the Arghenna and Whitestone mountains as part of this structure, so you're correct that the southeastern corner of your state would be pretty hilly. And there's the mountains on the western bhorder- it's possible there could be two seperate ranges connected by that northwest-southeast jaggy bit, or maybe it's one big range, it's up to you.
That leaves the Valley. I'm actually planning to cut off the Bluegill River in Northern NC so that the rest can be annexed to the Carnaby River watershed, but that river was never going to be a Saint Laurence, or even navigable. It's too short. Doesn't mean you can't have Praxton where you want it to be, but you'll have to make adjustments for the river width. Look at some cities in the piedmont.
I'll tell you if I think of anything else. I'm hoping we can discuss motorways here as well; FSA admin was going through some possibilities, and it'd be a good reference point for others in the region. --Fluffr Nuttr (talk) 05:03, 10 October 2022 (UTC)
Dash.svg Territory application closed
After discussing with my co-continental admin and the FSA coordinators, we have some concerns about your plans for a new state: namely, that you haven't had a chance to showcase the rural mapping that a larger state would need, and to ensure any existing issues with scale and realistic densities in Olselen wouldn't simply be replicated in the new state. As of now this territory application is closed, but you are welcome to select one of the two options listed below to reopen the application as early as 10 Dec 2022 provided you're able to satisfy the relevant criteria. Please let me know if you have any questions. --TheMayor (talk) 01:40, 11 October 2022 (UTC)
  • Option 1: A probationary period in current Olselen that would allow you to "right-size" your current state within its current boundaries in a larger regional context. This probationary period would run for at least two months (through 10 Dec 2022) and if after the probationary period ends any issues with Olselen's scale and density are resolved, you would be permitted to reopen this application for further consideration.
  • Option 2: A probationary period in West Massodeya to hone and demonstrate your rural mapping skills and talents, for a similar duration of time (through at least 10 Dec 2022). During this probationary period, you'd still have full access and ownership of the current state of Olselen to map as you please. If your new mapping in West Massodeya adequately demonstrates your ability to map more rural areas, you would be permitted to reopen this application for further consideration. (If you'd like to pursue this option, please reach out directly to Alessa to get started in West Massodeya; otherwise, we will assume you're pursuing Option 1.)