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AR120-36; Wauseka

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The overall climate is very mild. Winters here would be very cold reaching temperatures of 10F/-12C. While the summer would be somewhat hot reaching an average temperature of 80F/27C. In terms of topography this country is very much flat. Little elevation changes here and there but nothing over 300 feet of elevation. Going over the colors on the map. Gray = railway, Green = forests/nature areas, Mint = proposed highest point, Purple = motorways, blue = rivers and bodies of water

Invest - The Noun Project.svgHuman geography
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To start off, my mapping style is very much from an American Midwestern perspective. While a big difference in my mapping is that I usually like to map somewhat smaller major cities. Neklomen the intended capital city and largest city will most-likely hold around 400 thousand residents. Think of your Milwaukees or your Saint Louises instead of your San Diegos and or San Antonios. The city would replace the current city of Kennsville. The infrastructure will be a bit different from your average American city in terms of motorways and such. I do not like clogging my cities with motorways and other large roadways. In 2018, my current project had many highways going right through its main city and I just feel like that was not the right move. Now there is one sort of spur around the city which I deem enough for now. Current downtown Neklomen is pretty bland and will be spiced up in this current location with new building and an actual downtown feel. Regarding land occupation, a lot of the proposed early development will be on Lake Leighton and in currently map sections outside of Kennsville. I want to have a big focus on forest preserves and natural areas first. I want to have a bigger emphasis on railways in the map as my current build has a lackluster system. Wauseka will have a big focus on moving people from one country to the next. Many motorways and railways will take passengers through the region to major cities in the state and to surrounding states. In terms of economic development, Neklomen and the cities on lake will be an important factor to the development. That is where most of the population is planned to stay and where most of the jobs will lead too. Finally, most of the residents in the state of considered white. The immigrants that found the region were mostly white and that is what stuck. Though everyone in Wauseka is given equal rights and opportunities which has attracted people from different regions and descendants.

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There are two well known languages in the country of Wauseka. One being the worldwide language of Ingerish. The other being one special to the Wausekian state. That being Wauzekish. This is usually spoken by the natives here but would expand to larger groups in the state. Religion is something that is not as popular in Wauseka than most other states in the Federal States. While the most of whom celebrate and participate in a religion are Christic, it is seen that only about 50% of the population thinks religion is important in their day to day lives. Wauseka loves anything pig and that is why they are famous for their usage of pigs for food. They also fancy many types of pastas and noodles. Their most famous delicacy has to be their sushi which is taken from local lakes and imported into the country.

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The {{coord}} template can optionally be used to link to the OGF map - it results in a nice formatted link. Or you can paste in a URL. West Park has been in my possession since February 2018. A lot of the early mapping was brutal and has been redone.. Neklomen and the surrounding region as well Frankfort and Smalerd regions are planned to be transported out into this map. These two areas I would consider hold my best mapping. The mapping here also shows very Midwestern traits which is what much of this region is built off of.

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Stephenplays (talk) 00:23, 26 August 2022 (UTC)

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A few quick comments and points of clarification:

  • Note that, like the U.S., the Federal States are comprised of states, not separate nations. While each state has a fair amount of autonomy, the individual states are all part of the larger nation.
  • Similarly, this state would be similar to a modern American state. You're welcome (and encouraged!) to have a robust history with native tribes, but like the modern U.S., tribes in modern times would likely be limited to particular pockets or smaller areas rather than having a significant statewide presence.

Since there are active neighboring states, I'd also like to get some of their input on these plans as well, so I'll hold the application open to see if they want to add anything. --TheMayor (talk) 15:36, 26 August 2022 (UTC)

As a potential neighbor, I do have a few points of feedback.
  • First, I would like to say that I'm looking forward to having another neighbor in the region and hope you'll have fun in the East Lakes. This is a solid application, and I'm glad there's a good vision of theme and not a desire to overpopulate. It's also nice to see someone who is trying to use a Midwestern theme. We need more of that in the FSA.
  • The Alormen River is a major outflow of Lake Leighton, so there shouldn't be a river from (existing) "Kennsville" to somewhere further downstream. I suggest that any river that flows into the Alormen come from the wooded interior. The elevations of the Alormen River waypoints and lakes are part of canon, it's better to keep that as is. I'm happy to fill you in on that as needed.
  • Relatedly, keep in mind that the Alormen is a wide river with a lot of shipping on it. It should be viewed similar to the Mississippi or Ohio Rivers in many ways. I'm glad you don't have plans to irrationally load it up with cities. (Flooding is real in the Midwest, and this wouldn't be much different.) Because of the width and shipping, there should be limited crossings (possibly three or four total between our states) and some degrees of bluffs along the sides to hem in the valley.
  • If you plan to put a moderately-sized city at (existing) Kennsville, you will want FS-55 to be a connection from FS-20 to that city instead of swinging into what is effectively the middle of nowhere. That is an important link from FS-61 on the south shore of the lake and the FS-20 that crosses the state from New Harmony, Mennowa to the east.
  • Speaking of New Harmony… I'm willing to downsize its ultimate size (presently slated for 600,000), but we should chat about it when there's time. The proximity of Kennsville—should that be where you relocate your major city—will create a discussion. If you're looking to keep Neklomen in tact, having it slightly around the lakeshore about halfway to Augusta would fit the shape better and give that little buffer between the cities while not encroaching upon Luciano's work in Makaska.
  • It would be good to also coordinate with the two neighboring states Wisecota and Makaska about the routing of FS-10, as it might logically be in the far southern fringe of your state. Something to keep in mind, as it is a vital national corridor. It won't need a major city along it, but its presence may cross into your state.
I apologize if this is a lot of feedback. It's a good application, and I'm hopeful for what we'll see in the future! — Alessa (talk) 00:08, 28 August 2022 (UTC)
I've just read your feedback and I am very thankful for it. You mentioned some great points including most importantly some great insights on the capital city. I will probably relocate and remap that capital city with said revisions. That being FS-20 being an actual east-west motorway. NP-30 would still cease to exist. Current day NP-27 would be that bypass. Obviously it would connect back to FS-55 instead of what path its following now. For Neklomen's location that is exactly where it is planned to go once moved. Also planned to be revised a lot in the future as the scale needs a bit of work.
Thanks again, Stephenplays (talk) 17:28, 28 August 2022 (UTC)
Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Based on the conversation with Alessa, I'm approving this application with the assumption that Stephenplays will continue working with the neighboring states to appropriately adapt plans to keep the region cohesive. --TheMayor (talk) 19:09, 28 August 2022 (UTC)
As a reminder, territories in the Federal States are states rather than independent nations; as such, continued activity, coordination, and collaboration are all essential to the larger project's overall success.