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AR120-53 - Iroquesia

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The state widely will remain relatively flat throughout it's middle, with a mixture of farmland and forested areas consistent across the state. To the south-eastern side of the state, spanning the area around Lake Cheyelle to the shore of the Unnamed Great Lake and border with Oronotia, this will have a higher concentration of farmland to forested area, apart from areas directly beside the shoreline of the lakes.

To the north-west of Iroquesia, low-lying foothills will be located, with this being the densest area of forested land. These foothills will in effect join up with the unnamed mountain range that runs the length of the Federal States' western coast. Before the foothills, the rivers running down that area will form bluffs and buttes, inspired by southern Minnesota and Iowa.

The primary type of tree that will be present in the state, and account for a vast majority of forested areas, will be ever-green trees such as pines, etc.

For referencing the physical geography of this state, I will be primarily using southern Minnesota and Iowa.

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All current infrastructure in this state that is not part of interstate travel, e.g. the interstate roads and rail-lines, will be cleared. But due to the state's previous existence as a collaborate state (of which I was participant of), I will be making sure that I will be in contact with those who have mapped in the former collaborative state of Seneppi previously, to take their requests on what should be done with their mapped areas. The pre-existing survey guides will remain in place, but existing township relations will be removed.

As previously mentioned, a large area of Ihoquesia will be cultivated into farmland, with the highest density being in the area between Lake Cheyelle and the Unnamed Great Lake. Located here as well will most likely continue a large metropolitan area that continues from existing settlements in Seneppi (running from Cheyelle to Brighston) and along the coast of the Unnamed Great Lake (from Brighston to Nordseehaven). These areas will not be densely populated throughout however. Potentially just a major city for Ihoquesia where Pike is currently, or along the eastern-coast of Lake Cheyelle, and one on the coast of the Unnamed Great Lake.

The same will be true in regards to Ihoquesia's south-western border with Minnonigan, continuing the metropolitan area of neighbouring Lake City. And another cross-state metropolitan area will exist to the north-east of the state, continuing from Micksborough.

On the coast of Lake Sauganash, Miller and West Gramercy will continue to exist in concept, with a large combined metropolitan area existing there, and will focus widely around former industrial density, e.g. Detroit / Chicago (but smaller than the examples given). The capital of the state will continue to be Finch Hill, but this will likely not hold the largest population or metropolitan area.

To the state's north-west, where there will be the low-lying foothills, there will be much lower density of man-made areas, with less farmland and settlements. Here will also be in place a greater influence and remnants of the local native sub-culture, or existence of federal tribal lands.

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The existing history and culture for Ihoquesia will attempt to follow closely the existing history and culture of Seneppi, and of Walkigan previous to it. For this, I will make sure to follow-up with the previous Collab-admins for Seneppi for their plans.

Fitting with the surrounding states' native sounding etymology (e.g. Minnonigan, Nishowigan, Seneppi, Oronotia, etc.) Ihoquesia will be named after the Ihoque peoples (pronounced I-Oh-Cou as in coup), which I imagine to belong to a sub-culture I theorize would be in the same family as the natives of Minnonigan and Mennowa. In theory, this will propose that a singular culture would span from Minnonigan to Mennowa, explaining their similar names, and that the low-lying foothills in Ihoquesia would have been the location for this culture to migrate to avoid crossing the unnamed mountain range.

Many of the settlements on the coast of Lake Sauganash and Lake Cheyelle will be former industrial hearts for Ihoquesia, but will have by the modern day either completely disappeared, as around Lake Cheyelle, or have fallen into industrial blight, as around Lake Sauganash. There is likely to be no large port city in Ihoquesia, relying on Brighston to ship from the shore of the Unnamed Great Lake. But Miller will have a port presence on Lake Sauganash. The primary mode of transport for freight in Ihoquesia will be freight-railways, both historically and as of present.

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Previous mapping in the Seneppi collaboration;

Previous and Recent mapping of Rockford, Glaster;

(Note; Previously, Rockford was mapped in Commonia, moved by Yuanls after Commonia ceased to be Collaborative, further work on Rockford is permitted for me by Yuanls)

Previous mapping of an unnamed country in Antarephia;

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Aces California (talk) 21:25, 10 July 2022 (UTC)

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  • Just so you know, Minnonigan's natives used something based on the Ojibwe language. For reference, there's a translation resource available online. --TheMayor (talk) 22:05, 10 July 2022 (UTC)
  • Also, would you be able to provide a graphical sketch of what you have in mind for the state? Doesn't have to be super detailed, but just highlighting major transportation corridors, where major/minor cities are located, what's forested vs. farmland, etc. --TheMayor (talk) 22:56, 10 July 2022 (UTC)
    • Here is the map I have created (linked externally) as a sketch of what is planned. Also as discussed on Discord, the name of the country has changed to Iroquesia. Aces California (talk) 21:48, 15 July 2022 (UTC)
Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Approved. As a reminder, this part of the Federal States is pretty flat, so any foothills, bluffs and buttes in the northwestern portion of the state should be relatively modest. --TheMayor (talk) 21:57, 15 July 2022 (UTC)
Remember that the Federal States is a large collaborative project. Ongoing activity and frequent coordination with other mappers is essential to the project's success.