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AR120-56 - Ossasitan, in exchange for BG09 - Mozènoc

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Ossasitan will have a hot-summer continental (Dfa/Dfb) climate, similar to that of the Great Lakes region in the United States. It has an area of around 30,471 km² (11,765 mi²). Ossasitan is bordered by Lake Ashani to the southwest, mountains (Les Appanoussaks) to the southeast, the Valterra River in the north, and a large wetland region to the west.

Its interior is dominated by blocky farmland and a central river coming from the West Ester Hills (name subject to change). In the south will be a forested piedmont region where much of the natural resources are extracted from, such as timber and copper.

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Ossasitan will have a population of around 1.22 million (subject to change). This gives the state a population density of around 268.3/km² (103.6/mi²).

There is a large population corridor created by the central river and Lake Ossasitan, which houses much of the state's population (50-60%, subject to change). The forested piedmont will be lightly populated, with generally more population in the southern portion. The wetlands will be sparsely populated, housing only a handful of towns.

Similar to my first project, the three main economic sectors of this country are, service, industry, and agriculture. Agriculture holds the lowest rank of the three, followed by industry. As aforementioned, much of the forested piedmont region is home to many of the states' natural resources, such as timber, copper, and iron.

The rural mapping style will take inspiration from Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, as well as other FSA states such as Makaska and Seneppi. The urban mapping style will also take inspiration from these (real life) places in cities like Grand Rapids, MI, Minneapolis, MN, and Wausau, WI.

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Ossasitan is in the Central region of the Federal States of Archanta. The main language will be Ingerish, with heavy Franquese influence in naming (such as lakes, rivers, etc.) Native languages also have influence, though not as much.

The culture is a mix of Ingerish, Franquese, and Grand Lakes native; similar with language, native cultures share a smaller portion of the overall culture.

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In current territory: - Urban mapping - Rural mapping - Natural mapping

Elsewhere: - Airport (Rhododactylia) - Rural mapping (NUPDZ)

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SSSACFGOOMA (talk) 03:04, 13 June 2022 (UTC)

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Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
This is a well put-together plan and territory request, and I think what you have in mind would be a very good fit for this location. Approved. -TheMayor (talk) 16:54, 14 June 2022 (UTC)
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