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At the moment I don't want to work in Xochimalta and I want to map in a small area. I am currently studying History and as I wish to better represent the culture of the Mexican southeast (A question that my previous country does not fulfill). Regarding the cities of the former user, I promise to change only the names to the Spanish language.
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The eastern area of the territory will be a plain. With mountain ranges that have a height of no more than 1000 meters. The whole country will have a tropical climate, with minimal differences in terms of fauna, flora and humidity. I intend to maintain the current course of the rivers, but I will reduce its width.

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Demografía y ocupación del territorio

The larger the population will be in the center of the country in the capital, which will comprise the population of 1 million people. The rest of the territory will have several municipalities that are not very populated (characteristics of the region). In total, the country will have a population of no more than 2 million. Most of it will be on the coast due to the influence of ports.


The main economic activity is commerce and in the areas furthest from the capital are agriculture, with some tourist sites and a lack of mining activities and oil extraction. Their human development ranges from 0.75-8.2. Therefore, it can be considered a developing nation that is sustained by a capitalist system.


The country has a few industries, more than half of them in the vicinity of the capital. It only has two major highways that connect it from the northeast to the capital and one that also crosses it and will connect it from south to north. The rail service will only consist of one line. There will be only one international airport and the rest receive domestic flights. With regard to ports, Xdzonca has one of international stature and other auxiliaries spread along the coast.

Estilo de mapeo.

All cities have a grid layout, therefore, the streets are straight with a few exceptions (roads or streets away from the center of the villages). Most of the buildings are single-family houses.  Regarding the rural and natural landscape, each village has a strip of fields that surrounds them, so the areas furthest from the villages are fully forest.

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Xdzonca has a history very similar to those of the real-life Maya, although in this case they are called Dzoníes. As these were located in city-states, when the Castilian conquistadors arrived in the territory, they reorganized the territory, gathering populations with respect to the conditions of the site. In other cases, they built on top of ancient pre-Hispanic cities. They built a culture based on Christianity and the Spanish language. As Xdzonca lacks of of mineral resources, it grew up in an environment of poverty and abandonment by the colonial authorities.

In some places, the indigenous cultures and customs of the Dzonies were mixed with those of the Castilians

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My mapping:

Iqén Park y área turista de Xochimalta [1]

Kaktehá, Montinia [2]

Zona Industrial de Vutabanata [3]

Mansabundi, Ganahbon [4]

Xochimalta Capital [5]

Santa Geronima, Xochimalta [6]

Isla del Sol, Xochimalta [7]

Lameek, Ganahbon [8]

Rural Mapping in Ganahbon [9]

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~~~~ Juan Pablo Balam November,27th,2023

Hello, Juan Pablo Balam, apologies for the late response. After some thought, do you think that a Mayan territory would make more sense in Tarephia? This doesn't mean that it has to be close to the Aztec territories (Mayans and Aztecs aren't really related), but we thought it may be more logical. Please share your opinion with us. Note that this is a recommendation, not a requirement. Regardless, I am happy to accept your request depending on what agreement we come to, as you have proven your self as a high-skilled mapper. Bixelkoven (talk) 18:26, 9 December 2023 (UTC)

Hi, Bixelkoven. I understand the redommendation but in the Liberian Island have existed countries with this tematic, so it wouldn't be so far from reality, It could be justified because they are migrants from places like Balam Utz or Xochimalta. If the country will be in Tapheria territory, I would have to rethink the plan for a larger territory and justify where that group comes from. Juan Pablo Balam (talk) 16:37, 10 December 2023 (UTC)

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Territory application approved. User has experience of the style, past mapping satisfactory. Bixelkoven (talk) 14:44, 12 December 2023 (UTC)
No major objections, you have proved you are familiar with the style with your former territory just south of this one. Only concern would be the one out of two million people residing in the capital city (50% is possible, but quite rare and unbalanced). Reconsider the numbers. Happy mapping!