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UL04g - Ellarça

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Topo sketch:

Ellarça is meant to be a physically diverse country. Mountains, flats, plateaus and valleys stretching its relatively small size. Every one of these units will set itself as a small but distinguished geographical unit which will in turn shape its human geography. The highest elevations, in the east, will clip the 3500m mark in some summits. Climate-wise, it will be a progressive gradient between full on Mediterranean climate (Köppen Csa) in the coastline, with some milder temperatures in the mountains and plateaus (Köppen Csb), and in the interior, as precipitation gets more scarce, steppes and sub-desertic climates will take over (BSh or BSk, depending on altitude).

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The country will be mainly a developed one, with a clear North-south divide, just in the way you don't expect. Due to the rugged terrain, the north will be a more rural area, with smaller towns and a mainly agriculture-based economy, even in the cities. Cultivars in that area will be mainly dryland farming, with the usual mediterranean suspects (Olive, Almond, grain, Vineyard, etc.). The south will house the metropolitan area for the capital (name tbd), and due to being fed by the two main rivers of the country, will be host to mainly irrigated farming (Citrics, for example). Population will be concentrated mainly in the south and west of the country, mainly due to orography and hydrography, and that area of the country will be the heart of industry, finance and tourism.

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Ellarça will be a parlamentary republic home to the Ellarçan language (IRL Catalan), which will be the main language in all the territory. It would basically serve as a Catalan language homeland. It could be most related with its neighbour in the south, Lustria, which uses IRL Occitan, coincidentally the closest language to Catalan in terms of evolution (again, north and south are swapped again). History would be relatively similar to that of RW Catalonia. Originally Roman, becoming into several counties into the early middle ages that eventually merged into what would become Ellarça. Might have been in some kind of union in Lustria, which will still be the closest country in terms of culture and foreign relations. Other foreign influences would come mainly from the big Romantian Mediterranean countries, like Plevia, Castellán, Navenna or Franqueterre.

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Until now i have been the owner of Adaria [map], a territory which I am offering to withdraw in case this request is accepted in order to keep myself on one territory. While the extensive size of the territory (6 times the size of the one I'm requesting) has made mapping spares, there are some mapping areas which I've mapped to a certain degree of detail:

And a long list of more projects that I've done through this five years. Additionally, I am the main coordinator of the Castellán collab, and I have created the natural landuse coverage for the northeastern part of the country, and mapped the town of Rivamuca.

My mapping style has always been in the Mediterranean, due to my origins, and I will keep this true, especially for Ellarça. With the Japanese homeland collab and Castellán also being collaborative, I have barely any reason for the wonky concept of Adaria to keep going, and I want to focus on a smaller territory that I can actually handle, both in terms of macro and micro-mapping. Starting from anew, with my new knowledge five years later, also should help me make a better territory in terms of mapping quality and cohesion, and I hope I can achieve that.

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Martinawa (talk) 20:09, 1 April 2023 (UTC)

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Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Territory request approved. Just be sure to consider how the terrain in the north might interact with the hydrology of Alora, as you work it out with your new neighbor.
Happy mapping!