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UL 10-08 - Wesfolk
I would like to request UL 10-08. I will divide it into three or four counties.
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Much of this area consists of hilly farmland but with large moors inland towards the west and low-lying flat land near parts of the northern coast. There are extensive beaches : those on the west are more exposed to strong southwesterly and westerly winds while the eastern side is more sheltered. In some areas, particularly on the moors, there were large tin and copper deposits but these have been mostly exhausted after centuries of mining.

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The total population of the area will be between 3 and 4 million.

The main economic activities of the area are farming, fishing and tourism with some light industry, but there are also one or two significant ports from which many of Ingerland's voyages of exploration and conquest set sail, and there is a major naval base. Historically, tin and copper mining and ship building were also prominent. The area is a popular retirement destination, particularly in the coastal towns and villages.

There will be three or four large cities with populations between 250 and 450 thousand, plus a number of smaller (sub-100K) cities and numerous towns and villages.

There will probably be three motorways converging in the area, one each from the north, east and south. Railways will connect all the cities to the network, with branch lines to the more significant towns.

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The area was originally inhabited by the Celtic Duvnanii peoples but was conquered by invading Germanic peoples in the ? centuries. They established one of the early Germanic kingdoms which eventually united to form Ingerland in the 11th? century. Tin and copper mining was significant until the 18th century when accessible deposits became harder to find and exploit. The last mine closed in the nineteenth century. The area saw little activity from the Industrial Revolution and its more southerly ports did not grow as major trading ports to the extent that those closer to industrial areas would have done.

Celtic language and culture died out later than in other parts of Ingerland but will be evident in some place names (e.g. those ending with "combe", ... ). It is believed that the Duvnanic language was extinct by the 16th century.

I am basing this on the culture of Devon, Somerset and Dorset but not Cornwall, on the assumption that regions 98 and 99 will be the areas where a more obvious Celtic identity survives.

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The former OGFmapicon.png Wesmandy (now being transformed into Tircambry) contains extensive mapping but as it was in the 15th century (my original intention was to map the entire country this way and then update century by century, but this is not practical). Modern urban mapping includes the town of OGFmapicon.png Abercenlig and, in the old Tircambry, central OGFmapicon.png Caerarthen and OGFmapicon.png Porthbrenin. Porthbrenin was mapped century-by-century and is currently at c.1920.

I became inactive on OGF after an extended period of stress and changes in my life but things have now settled down and I have plenty of time to devote to the project, both to "Welshifying" UL11e (the new Tircambry) and building a southwest England-style region. I have been mapping most days since my return in April and expect to continue. If this application is successful, I'll split my time fairly evenly between Tircambry and Wesfolk.

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Pawl (talk) 15:39, 12 June 2023 (UTC)

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Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
This looks great. Both Bixelkoven and I are on board. All I will say is that you may have to back the historical dates up a bit, but that will necessarily be part of the broader discussion of Ingerland's mappers.