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UL10e Talún o Úlla

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The small islands of UL10e create a perfect backbone for the agricultural culture that the Talún o Úlla people are known for. Every island has its own history, but in the end the collaboration of the islands make it possible for the well cultivated country to prosper in all benefit.

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Besides the export of fruit and wheat, the people of Talún o Úlla are known for their music. A great export product.

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The history of the island is drawn in blood. In prehistorical times there have been many wars and battles. Island against island, but not only that. The roman empire tried to overrule the people of Talún o Úlla, who were not prepared to be conquered. Many years of battle against a common enemy created the first seed of realisation that combined they would prosper more.

Even though some islands have been conquered by the roman, their language, and their pride remained. But the well organised Roman people brought mathematics to the island. Their ideas and machinery have been thankfully used and improved.

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I have been mapping on the free island Begi, together with BG05, working on the Iasc Cuna and the lands surrounding it. Now trying to find my way in relations and try to see if I can create a map with a history-backbone.

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