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UL13d - Saave

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Most of Saave is coniferous and flat, reminding Estonian pine forest regions. Although, southern part is least like Estonia: mountains up to 700 m and mixed forests. Most of the fields are located in the middle of Saave. Coasts are mostly filled with pine forests, except in the regions of major coastal cities. The weather is mostly cold and the summers are rainy. Although, there are no occurences of severe natural disasters, the coasts can get pretty windy.

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(orange is highway, blue is river and lake, black is bigger cities)

The population of Saave (Savia in English) is 3,4 million people. The capital of Saave, Lahtme, is the biggest city of the country and with its 1,1 million population is located on the coast of the country.

Saave: The capital has no official "old town" due to the fires of year 1892. Much of the city is eclectic: a modern 10-storey office building can be next to a old wooden private home. This style reminds of the architecture of the capitals of the Baltic states. The middle of the city is filled with 2-storey wooden houses. Next to big avenues in the centre are 5-storey panel buildings or modern office buildings. The outer districts consist of mostly private home, with an exception of some soviet housing in between. 85 percent of the city are Savians (saavlased in the native language).

The second largest city is located to the left of Lahtme and its name is Valtsemäe (pop. 400 000). The economic development is very high in the coastal regions, but the inner ones get gradually poorer. The Southern mountainous regions suffer from significant underdevelopment due to former political instability (more in History & culture). So-called capital of the south is Meeri (pop. 125 000), 4. largest). This is the only city of the country where some districts can technically be called slums.

Cities with the biggest approximate population ranked:

Lahtme - 1 100 000

Valtsemee - 400 000

Pagusi - 350 000

Meeri - 125 000

Siigava - 45 000

Paala - 42 000

The HDI of Saave is 0,88 and GDP per capita is 27 000 USD. Much of the economy relies on pharmacy industry. Tourism in Saave is pretty low, but is increasing slowly.

Saave has highways connecting major cities, which are in acceptable quality. The railway system in the country is fairly sparse and electric railways have only been deployed in the capital region.

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The people of the nation are Savians (saavlased) and the native language is Savian (Saave keel), which is very similar to Estonian, but as a most notable difference out of all letters with diacritics, Savian has only "Õ". Much of the country speaks typical Savian, except the south, where a strong dialect is noted. Some consider it a separate language – Kera-Savian (Kera-Saave keel), where "Kera" is the name of the lake in the very south of Saave.


...(not enough info to talk about older history)...

Until 1997 the southern regions of Savia didn't get enough attention from the official goverment of Savia (residing at Lahtme) due to a different goverment (residing at Meeri), which was highly corrupted. Before 1997, the official Savia's goverment opted not to interfere due to its weak military, they were afraid, because a civil war would have beeen too hard to deal with. So, in 1997, enough military was collected and the south was taken over. So, since then, there has been difficulties with developing the south, because of deep former lack of infrastructure and chances of economic development..

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This is my work at the begginer area. This represents the style I want implement to the most of rural Savia (south will be slightly different due to mountains).

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Approved - moving to a different area within the continent as per agreement - Bixelkoven (talk) 19:28, 1 August 2023 (UTC)
The application is okay, the mapping is convincing, albeit you could try so more urban mapping. Reconsider the demographics a bit, the numbers could (or should) be lowered a bit for the given latitude. You will be notified when your territory is ready via private messages. Happy mapping.