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UL-14 d - Pomorsko

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Pomorsko is mostly hilly country with its highest mountains located in the west, on theboundries with Zeklinja-Dregolezja. It's biggest river, Pramovica takes its origin in UL15i and serves as main transport artery for the entire country, having its estuary in Port Aurum (Srebni port).

Due to being open to cold winds from the Wielkie More Polnoczne, the country has rather cold climate.

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Because of cold climate from being opened to Wielkie Morze Polnoczne most people live clother to the southern border in region of Srebinsko, known for being mining center of the country. The only big city in Norther part is Port Aurum (Srebni Port) - a trade port, whose population takes only 800.000 inhabitants, rest of that part is sparsely populated and most towns are built on the Pramovica as transfer points. Nowadays Pomorsko authorities experiment with placing wind turbines there but due to high cost of the project, not much have been built.

Financial and business life is concentrated in the capital - Pohlav - and the second biggest city - Hohrad. Pohlav lies on Pramovica and is and important point in resources shipping from the mine in the region, the city has a population of 2,5-3 millions. Hohrav takes its start as a castle on a border with Zeklinja-Dregolezja and has a population of 1 million. There are also lots of smaller industrial town, but they are now mostly in demise because of recources exhaution and general switch to post-industrial economy.

Territories bordering UL14a were and to some extent still are the breadbasket of the country, but nowadays Pomorsko mostly relies on products bought in other countries for silver money - the main export of the country.

Due to Pomorsko being rather poor compared to its neighbours there is a stable emigration flow to neigbouring countries, however it became less in the last thirty years. Still it results in villages and countryside dying which will have its consequences in future.

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For almost 700 years Pomorsko was occupied by its Germanic-language neighbour and used mostly as a resource site. After the country became independent a purification policy went intact, resulting inchanging every name to Pomorskian analogue. This also resulted in lose of some Pomorskian-origin but Germanic-language cultural ancestry and destroying cultural ties with its urban cukture from that times. Even despite Pomorsko now has 150 years of independence in its history that stil impacts its culture and it was common for youth to migrate to its richer neighbours, as they perceived their country as world's perifery and province no longer than 30 years ago.

Nowadays new this is less seen as a problem with new generations of authors have been born and praising their country. National ice hockey team being one of continental biggest players also brought its part in it. Hockey is a national sport in Pomorsko, while football is second one.

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Artem. 07.05.2023 Unsigned comment by Artem (talk).

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  • Hello. I'm a bit confused on the application, such as what the Pomorsko culture exactly would be. You've also been pretty in active in the last seven months. Here is what I'm willing to do: I will be closing this application, but I'm happy to offer you a BG territory to do some practice and mapping of your own. Then, we can revisit this as needed. — Alessa (talk) 01:27, 13 June 2023 (UTC)
Dash.svg Territory application closed
Consider a BG territory — Alessa (talk) 01:27, 13 June 2023 (UTC)