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Northernmost province of UL15f; Specifically

The full name would be: Republic of Banuvia / Republika Banuvija, Banuvia / Banuvija for short.

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The country would mostly be flat, but with some rolling hills no more than 500m tall in the east, south and west. The overall climate would be similar to Lithuania or Latvia, with moderately warm summers and cold winters. The climate would not vary by much, but the western shore would have more maritime influence from the Egalian Lake.

Invest - The Noun Project.svgHuman geography
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The country would have roughly 2 million inhabitants, and the capital city would have around 500 000. There would be 2 more cities of around 100 000, and the rest would be towns and villages.

The primary ethnic group would be the Banuvians, which would be a Slavic people very similar to the Mallyorians, and a lot of Banuvians would consider themselves to be the same people as the Mallyorians. Their language would be Banuvian, whose real world counterpart would be the Kajkavian regiolect of Croatian. The country would also include Escadians as a recognized ethnic minority in the southeastern region of the country, on the border with Escadia. The region around the capital city, as well as the northwest, would be more densely inhabited than the east and southeast.

The HDI of Banuvia would be in between that of Mallyore and Drabantia, with the northwestern and western regions being more economically developed than the southeastern. The economic mix would be comparable with countries like Slovenia, with a low share in primary and secondary industries and most jobs being in the tertiary and quarternary sectors. There would be several industrial centres in the country. IT industry would mainly be focused around the capital city.

Outside of cities, most land would be agricultural, but with a lot of preserved forest as well.

When it comes to infrastructure, there will be a network of motorways and expressways connecting the important centres of the country. The motorways would be relatively new, mostly built after the 80s, and relatively well kept, as the biggest chunk of the national transport budget would go towards motorways. There would also be a network of railways, built much earlier, and in somewhat of a worse shape than the motorways but improving, with railways only recently getting a bigger share of the national budget. There would be a high-speed rail line along the western coast, connecting Banovci to Odrava, with a possible fork to the capital city.

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The culture would mainly be Slavic, and a mix of the neighbouring Mallyorian and Drabantian cultures with a big cultural leftover from Escadia, who used to rule Banuvia for a long time. The people would culturally be close to the Mallyorians, with some considering them to actually be the same people. Their language would be Banuvian, whose real world counterpart would be the Kajkavian regiolect of Croatian.

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Sergjack, 1.4.2023. (but it's not a joke :))

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Hello, Sergjack. I am pleased with your application and your mapping seems very promising for a new mapper. Although it is not set in stone, the regional admins had the idea to have Escadia keep the access to the Egalian Lake at all costs, which would not be the case with your application, sadly. With that, I am ready to offer you other options for your territory without changing the thematic too much:

  • #1 - This would cut off a different area from Escadia, keeping its access to the lake. The terrain is much more forested and mountainous, though it's still located next to Mallyore. It is also a larger territory than what you are requesting.
  • #2 - This territory is located west of Zalivnia, further from Escadia and Mallyore which would interfere with your linguistic and cultural ideas, but still within the South Slavic-themed continuum. It also has the same terrain type as the region you are requesting, with a longer coastline on the Egalian Lake.

I am aware these two options interfere with your ideas to an extend, each in its own right, so I have to note this doesn't mean you are not allowed to take the Egalian coastal region, but due to our own vision, we are obliged to give you alternative options. In case you are interested in either, please note so under this comment. Whatever your decision, we'd be happy to have you in West Uletha. Thank you. Bixelkoven (talk) 19:50, 4 April 2023 (UTC)

Hello, thank you for reaching back to me.

Regarding your proposal(s), I have to say that I do not wish to map a territorry different to the one that I mentioned in the application form. The reason for that is that this territorry is perfect for my mapping style, the desired culture, and it's position relative to the other nations around the Egalian Lake, and I would really like to map there.

I understand your arguments, but, as you have said, they're not set in stone, and I believe that the impact that this nation would have on Egalia would be a positive.

Thank you for your understanding. Unsigned comment by Sergjack (talk).

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Territory application approved. This is a major update to the region's layout so we have full confidence in you with this change. Your territory will be ready by tomorrow (CET timezone) after we conduct necessary changes to it on the map. Happy mapping! - Bixelkoven (talk) 23:16, 6 April 2023 (UTC)