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UL19b, Polairise

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Administrations: [1]

Polairise consists of 10 administrative areas (AAs, including subnations, provinces, island and the capital region). These are: The North Nation, the Saniqq Province, the Island of Edpardeau, the Milez Province, the Verendrye Province, the Perroche Province, the Belleville Capital Area (BCA), the Wanpuk Province, the Caniapisu Province and the South Nation. The national capital localise in the BCA, named Belleville. Expect the BCA, all AAs consists of 4 "layers of govern": Subnation / Province / Island -> Countyshire -> City / Township -> District / Allocation.

National major economical contribution come from tourism, space and rocket technology, transportation, energy production and mining. Infrastructure within the nation are widely availabe: electricity, cell service, motorways and railways; National major imports: agricultural products. Private hold of land is permited but not commen in Polairise. Most land are under control of the Polairise Land Authority (PLA) or Autorité Territoriale de la Polairise (ATP). An individual (company or human) may purchase a Land Use Permit (LUP) from the PLA, from 300 years or 999 years.

Due to its physical location, most AAs were population-sparse. 60% population resides within the BCA.

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Discovered by the French around the year 1750, the very first settlement, Sebastia Anunsa, was established on a tiny island by the coast. The name Polairise came from its geographical character, which close to the north pole. Due to the extrame weather, there were no locals before the french, therefore, Polairisian culture is similar to french culture, mostly reflected from its language: Polairisian French. Polairisian French is a dialect developed from the Old French. Official languages: Polairisian French, English and Chinese (Mandarin). Most public service in these three languages are available.

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