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UL29c - Shima 志滿

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Master plan of Shima will be a combination base on Netherlands, Japan, and Korea. Only the southern part of the country is hilly.

Major Rivers flowing to the sea from Izaland, formed fertile land in the middle part and settled the country's agriculture (Red shaded). Lagoon along the north coast is the buffer zone between land below sea level and the outer sea. major cities are shaded purple in the map. A canal network will lay across the country.

A rough sketch can be found below:

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Shima is predicted to host 12million people, depends on further investigation of the land area. The capital city sits on the north coast of the country and homed to around 1million people, the whole metropolitan will be 5-6 million, which is similar to Amsterdam. Green belt policy will applied in this map so even the urbanisation index is high, but the cities are high density in Europe standard, and urban extension is limited. Besides agriculture, Shima is famous for its advanced manufacturing, shipment and legal service, just like The Hague and Rotterdam. The country has close tie with Izaland and Cinasia.

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Shima is a bilingual country of Japanese and Cantonese. The combination is inspired by the social economic and cultural tie between Hong Kong and Japan. Shiman forms the main population, also there are Cinasian and Izaki. The main religions in Izaland are Cinasian Buddhaism, Christism and Hanuism,

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This will be a collaborate county of Hilsonbergman and Izaland Terramorphing Committee

Hilsonbergman is mapping Cinasia and Yuethon, while Izaland Terramorphing Committee is maping Izland.

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Hilsonbergman & Izaland Terramorphing Committee 14 May 2022

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  • Thank you for the interesting proposal. However, considering that hilsonbergman already works on two private territories which are considerable in size and still leave a lot of room for both makro and detail mapping, and ITC similarly works on a just recently expanded private territory plus a collaborative territory, I am afraid I need to decline the request. This is not to be understood as an assessment of you two's mapping, but rather as a decision to find ways of finding new inspiration and mapping opportunities within your already diverse territories. Leowezy (talk) 16:57, 18 May 2022 (UTC)
Dash.svg Territory application closed
Denied for the time being due to the applicant already owning two territories each. But interesting proposal. Leowezy (talk) 16:59, 18 May 2022 (UTC)
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